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Prices: US installs - $0.05, keyword installs - $0.09.
Countries available: worldwide!
Amount: US installs from 3000 per day.
No bots, real motivated users.
Can provide installs for your resell.
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0.05 $ ?
Couldnt see on your web site?

Bought it. What can I say - it’s cheap and good quality - all the installs were accepted by Google. Keyword installs is the best choice. Didn’t find lower price for keyword installs.

Cheapest - not always about quality!
is all about result!
Buying incent traffic App developer must pay a lot attention on targeting and retention period of them.
Drop me a line to talk about possibilities and advantages of incent traffic.

Hi Vikki!
Thanks for interest.
The main advantages are to increase organic uplift and make push in keywords rankings.
Recently I runned campaign with a game, which had no index in keywords because of poor description.
My ASO team made a set of keywords and combined a description saturated with keywords, it cost only $200.
The game had about 2-5 installs daily, and we would wait for it getting indexed for long. But I did 100 incent installs for free on it to wake it up.
On the second day it got indexed in all the keywords, and 3 of them got top ranking.
For +90 USD I made keyword installs on the keyword with highest traffic - installs doubled!
And it was only the 1st stage - we still on the run with this game:)
And here’s one more example how it works:

With all the best.

If you want real, genuine US keyword installs, just sign up at this website:
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I dont understand something. I used the KeyApp.Top service, paid $20 and received about 222 installs. Thats not bad… it was everything that it said it would be.

The part I do not get is when I checked in Google Analytics, it showed I had 222 installs and all that, but its weird to me that all 222 installs were from users that were on Android 4.0 … isnt that a little strange? Every single one. That does not sound like real users to me. That sounds more like an app farm of some kind where all the installs come from the same place, if not the same kinds of devices somehow. I hope that Google doesnt penalize me if they look and see that!

Newsletter from Tapinstall: They added Vietnam in their inventory. Now the list of countries supported:

Time to register and start conquering new markets! :slight_smile:
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