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Which site can I learn Android game development free

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You can create tons of android apps free at APKgen

It has a built in ad-serving portal so you start generating revenue immediately!

I already know about the android developer site, I need something specific to game development

What country do you live in? In the United States, the Barnes n’ Noble has quite a few Android/mobile developer books.

What type of programming experience do you have? Are you already familiar with the Android platform and programming for the Android platform?

Well, I would say to start with you can try your luck by participation over various developers communities and what better would be installing the Android App development SDK over your device and start writing small codes and snippets at first and later on you can slowly increase it accordingly !

The basics of game programming and game development through the limited tutorial resources I could find on the Internet. Since then, the landscape of game development has changed drastically, and anyone can start creating their own games within weeks with a few Google searches.
In the world of programming, they say that once you learn one coding language, you pretty much know them all. It’s a little more nuanced than that, but the sentiment is more accurate than you think. The difficulties of programming – especially with regard to games – are not the actual coding, but learning the paradigm of how a game works and how to use those languages to organize and translate your thoughts into reality.

in terms of android programming I am still a beginner but i would want to go beyond where I am. I have some android books, but I need something specific to game development. I have some questions

1)What android book would you recommend
2)What emulator should I use, the android emulator is pretty slow, and setting up Genymotion with full sensors cost about £99

Thanks, but What’s the best emulator out there, the android emulator is pretty slow and the genymotion emulator costs money, is there a better option to the two

can I count on you to guide me?

in terms of android programming I am still a beginner but i would want to go beyond where I am. I have some android books, but I need something specific to game development. I have some questions

1)What android book would you recommend
2)What emulator should I use, the android emulator is pretty slow, and setting up Genymotion with full sensors cost about £99

I am also a beginner android do not need many books to learn android.just learn basics from video tutorials . udacity android tutorial is great.And also there are many tutorials on udemy and youtube.If you have doubt on any thing just google it Or look on stackoverflow. after learning basics just buy sourcecodes .oneguy sells 100+ sourcecodes for just 50$ .learn how to implement things from it.

Regarding emulator genymotion free version is all you will ever require. i personally like bluestacks .There is also another emulator called andy free. but genymotion gives many versions.If you have to test with sensors use a real device. also genymotion doesnot start smoothly it often throws some error at startup.then i have to close processes and start again.

Another tip use android studio.

Have you finished those Android books? I think it would be beneficial to be comfortable with the Android platform and have a solid ground before specialising in a particular area (games in your case).

I started with Beginning Android 4 Application Development by Wei-Meng Lee. I could not have asked for a better introduction to Android programming. I already had a decent Java background before this, so I assume that’s a given/must/requirement for Android programming (although supposedly Google’s Go programming language will be coming to Android). I felt that it taught me the basics in a very good format, including some advanced stuff. I still refer back to it every now and then.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Books get outdated – fast. As that book was released right after Android 4.0 came out, there were many things that were quickly changed. Stack Overflow made up for the gaps.
  2. Android 5.0 is out for developers. Books for 5.0 will start popping up soon. I’d hold back on any books focused at 4.0 as all of that is likely to change.

I agree, the default emulator is quite slow. Too slow (it crashes on my system and I have decent specs). I use my Android smartphone (Samsung S3). I personally feel that I need to have a physical device to truly emulate how it would feel to the user.

thanks for all your help, I hope I can always call on you for support.

I have not been able to download the ebook you recommended. Can You please send me a copy of the ebook (beginning android 4 application development by wei meng lee ) to my email. Here is my address: [email protected]


I have not been able to download the ebook (beginning android 4 application development ).Can you send me a copy of the ebook to my email: [email protected]


I had purchased a physical copy at my local bookstore. You can purchase an eBook copy if you wish.

thanks for the help so far… may I know your name?

Well, have you tried using blue stacks ? It also sounds a good choice to me !

I haven’t, but can it be integrated into eclipse or android studio?


Im a visual programmer, last year this time I knew nothing about development. I downloaded a game maker program called Construct 2, its a good program but not for quality games specially mobile development.

The community on their site is very helpful, if you follow some of their tutorials, within three months you will have your prototype up and running, it will give you a small understanding about how programming works.

Then when I noticed im limited to some performance issues I moved to unity, that was five months after starting with construct 2. Ofcorse I still didn’t know how to program and develop games through scripting, After research I found a visual programming tool on Unity asset store called “Playmaker”, I have been using it since five four months now and I have a full 108 levels game on android to be released soon, performance is amazing.

Now i know how to read a script and understand it, but I my programming skills are very week, starting next year after the release of my game im getting into scripting, but the difference now is I know how to read it without feeling that im getting into an alien language like how it was before I started with construct 2. The fact that I can understand almost everything it will cause a good learning curve, adding to that I already have a game to be released, other than the simple one I already released with construct 2 few months ago.

That first game I released barely has 500 downloads but at least I learned how to fully publish a game on android from A to Z.

Construct 2 is free with limits, but the free version is more than enough to learn all you want and get a prototype running.
Unity3D is free unless you want to remove the unity splash screen before the game and also improve performance in certain areas like lights and shadows. Im still on the free version and I can export to android too.

Playmaker, a plugin for unity for visual scripting is not free but not expensive either for what it offers.

I hope this helps, you will end up scripting but will end up with a faster start and will make games sooner. :slight_smile: