Android developer looking for same

Hi, I’m looking for a partner to develop Android apps or games with, splitting the revenue. I’ve developed half a dozen apps so far, and am getting bored of working alone. I’m posting on this forum because I’m interested in earning a side income and making a portfolio of high quality apps.

I have experience with most aspects of Android development, and can learn anything I don’t know really quickly. I’m a solid Java and C++ programmer (and have worked with the NDK) and have dabbled in just about every popular development technology and language. I haven’t developed a game yet, but have dabbled with libGDX and don’t think I’d have much problem getting started.

I’m 34 and work and also am going to school for the computer science degree (I want to change careers to software development), so I only have 1-2 hours a day to work on apps, but I can accomplish a lot in that time.

PM or email if interested.



My name is Steve and i am working with RapidSoft Technologies. An end to end mobile/web app development company. As you mentioned we can work on the revenue sharing basis.
Please let me know if you are interested in this? You can contact me at [email protected].