Android developer group based in Perth, Australia

Hi all,

My name is Simon - I’m involved in an Android meetup group based in Perth, Western Australia. The main purpose of the group is to help each other maximise our $$$ potential making Android apps.

Some of us are from a non-technical background, some are programmers but we’ve all had success from feeding off each other and are always looking for new members to join our group in order to learn/contribute (and drink a beer or two).

So this post is basically is a shout-out to anyone who is current living in Perth (or knows anyone who is living in Western Australia) who might be interested in joining up.

We meet once a month at a dodgey bar in the CBD with our own meeting room and a projector screen :slight_smile: Here’s a link to the meetup group:

Would be great to catch up if you’re in the area (even if you’re just visiting)!


This is awesome, wish I lived in Australia :slight_smile:

Hey I’m from Perth, I’m the developer of the Fuel Watch App

I’m also a professional Android developer working out of Malaga for my sins :slight_smile:

The timings a bit difficult for me, not working in the city. But I’ll see if I can make it on th 29th.


Love the Malaga markets! Good stuff Andy - it would be great to meet you on the 29th (We usually hang around til about 10ish anyway).