Android Cross Promotion Club

A few of us developers from this forum have started an android cross promotion club. We have our own ad SDK and servers for cross promoting. We focus on promoting new apps (apps in the market < 30 days). The new apps get 50% of the impressions, and old apps share the other 50%. We try to boost our new apps in the first 30 days.

Here are our rules:

  1. Promote 1 or 2-3 new apps heavily, with also everyone’s existing apps less heavily. We have slot for a new app every 10 days. The new apps will be heavily promoted for 30 days. We will take turns with who gets to add their new app each ten days. If you don’t have a new app and it’s your turn, you can pass. If you have passed, the next 10 days, you will have first chance at the new app slot.
  2. New apps get heavier weight in the ad rotation algorithm, 50% of impressions.
  3. You must use our standarized ads with our SDK. Your app has to show the add at least once per run of the app per day. The SDK automatically doesn’t show the ads on the first day the app has been downloaded.
  4. Ads will be shown in a consistent way. Only way to guarantee they are shown once per run/per day is to show on load. So Ads should be shown on load of the app.
  5. We don’t even try to equalize impressions. Each person promotes the new apps wether they are a big developer or small developer. At first some of us might be giving more impressions. But we help the little guys, then when they get big, they help us. All for one, one for all mentality. We grow together. The problem with most cross promotion sites, is that if you’re a little guy it doesn’t really help any. If you can only give a small amount of impressions, you never get many in return and therefore never grow. We use google analytics to track stats, but there’s no system to equalize them.
  6. To be in the club you have to have good apps, not craps. You have to show your apps. That way we could download the app from play market and confirm everyone is participating. I don’t consider an app poor quality just because it’s simple. I think of poor quality apps as those that spam the user with push notifications and aggressive advertising.
  7. Apps have to integrate the sdk to be promoted by the sdk. Every app that has integrated the sdk will be promoted.
  8. Any Apps that are promoted as “new” apps, have to participate in the cross promotion (keep the SDK implemented), for at least 3 months.
  9. Any futures rules or issues with the club will be voted on. Majority wins. Incase of a tie on the vote, the rule or issue is rewritten or further discussed and another vote taken.

So far it’s been going well with the developers we’ve invited for the test run, now were opening the club to the public. But, you must apply to join the club. If your interested send me a private message. Please only those serious about cross promoting contact me.

That seems like a very nice idea.

What about permissions for the SDK ?
Only apps or games too ?

Good luck to the club, I might try to join one day if I ever create an app which is worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Only permission needed is internet, so that it can get the ads from our servers. We promote apps and games. Good luck with your apps, hope you can join one day!