Android Browser

Web browser is a basic need of an android phone.Which one would you recommend. My friend told me about Maxthon and Uc browser. I install maxthon! But do you any other or is it best?

I have downloaded many web browsers for my android phone bu the latest one I downloaded is Icon Browser which I like to tell some of its features that I Liked the most
When browsing data I will not think about viruses as it comes with enhanced security which has changed my browsing experience a lot.

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i have been using chrome browser, and its been working fine

I have been using Chrome all this time but for some reason it started to mess up my keyboard. So I have gone back to the stock browser and guess what the stock browser works pretty well

Well, I am using Opera browser which is pretty good and reliable android browser.

Chrome FTW.

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Are there any decent alternatives besides Google Chrome?

I am also satisfied with the Google Chrome browser. It is a great tool for surfing and working. There are rarely problems with him. But I had a black bar in the Chrome search bar. But I found a solution to this problem on a blog.