Android apps is being most preferred operating sytem

Most of the android users are increasing day by day and Android is being one of the most preferred operating system for tablets and Smart phones . Nothing wonder, many apps and games are being introduced for android users

Yes, this is true I am sure you are already aware about the fact that Android now constitutes 84% of market shares ! So, I don’t think that there is anything to be surprised off, soon Android will constitute more than 90% of the market I guess ! :smiley:

It is not a real surprise with the variety of android devices out there which caters to all people

Yeah and I am pretty much sure its going to be an Android only era soon if they remove down some of the issues over their store and help giving developers more visibility as well as the ease of use !

Lets hope not!
Whilst its good for (us) Android developers out there, its not good for Android o/s as a whole as lack of competition would bring with it a whole host of other problems!

We are moving from Windows monopoly to Android monopoly.