Android app which tells the "ad network" being used by any specifc app

Hi All,
I remember that there used to be an app which Android app which tells the “ad network” being used by any specifc app.

For that need to have the app installed in the phone. Thats it.

I tried finding out in google store, but did not get it.

Could you please pass either the google link of the app or the way how to find the ad network name please?

I don’t know the app you are talking about, but I can tell you that the AppBrain is great for getting this info. Here’s a link to Angry Birds for example: Angry Birds - Android app on AppBrain

You can see all the included libraries, which basically tells you every network they are using.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, appbrain also shows the ad network.
It was skipped out of my mind.
But we need to know the package name in the link and sometime its tedious when we want to know quickly.

I still remember that there was an app which was doing this. Now i am forgettin the name.

Anyways appbrain served the purpose for the time being.
Thanks for that.