Android App installs for very low cost

i found one of the person advertise as android app installs is that really a parmanant installs any one have the experience…?

20 cents per incentivized too much. Tap joy is 10 cents, Facebook is even cheaper if you know what you’re doing …

To expand further on the topic, incentivized installs are 3 times less effective and often result in 80% uninstalls same day. In other words I just put you out of business, please close the thread!

I agree, $0.20 for incentivized install is too high.

lol…really 0.20$?? with tapjoy incentive installs is just 0.10$…heck appbrain gives non-incentive starting at 0.20$$

facebook 0.10 tap joy 0.10 appbrain 0.20

for 20 cents you gotta offer install AND rating/review/G+1

Can you explain toxic? I though that facebook have only cpm/click ad types:>