Android Advertising is dead!

I think the mobile advertising in Android is dying.

I am getting the same money with banners than Interstitial.

Admob is scam the numbers are crazy and going down, now 50% other nets are also going down.

Sadly i will have to get a job again and work for a company, bye bye Android development.

Before this ill release and app to record internal audio and calls hohohoho XD, probably paid app.

Also all my apps will be only pro version and the free apps with advertising will be restricted with null functions i won’t maintain the Android/google market for free.

Just pay apps for Android not free with adv.

I hope all the people do the same and we will be the ones that destroy the market and not Admob or other companies that cheat our money.


i also saw that. Also house ads are not working like earlier…

I dont think so … i still have a very good income from ads
Maybe the ecpm is little bit lower now … but this can also be because of summer time …

What did you earn before and what do you earn now … becaue you are saying you lived from android development and now you will have to go back to work !?

I think it may really depends on your App (kind, target users, target country, etc)
In my case I have something like 13% income from paid Apps and 87% from Ads and have no other job than this.
Also it may depends on the CPI vs CPC model of your Ads Network. I am sure for some kind of Apps or Games, the CPI model is very good. But when I switched from StartApp/MobileCore (CPI) to AdMob/MoPub/FAN (CPC/CPM) my Ads revenue increased by 3 or 4.

It depends to many factors. I think advertising will not die for next 5 years. There are also methods to increase ecpm. For example if user clicked in your ad, give him a cooldown. It’s nonsense that he will receive 50 ads in one session :slight_smile:

It depends on your apps and methods of promotion…

Yea it won’t die so soon, so yea maybe the revenue is not as high as it used to be but there are not many other ways to make money.

Also now the native ads are supposed to bring the ‘big bucks’ that’s what the big companies are saying after they add native ads, so make sure you try those FAN and admob both have native ads.

I don’t think so !

If this really is true, what other alternatives to make money from developing ?

I see that “Android Advertising” getting better every day. Today the world uses the smartphone more than other technologies. Every day millions of application installs from Play Store.

So if “Android Advertising” is dead that’s mean that no more user use Android ===> What is impossible !!!

I would look into using a different network or multiple networks. Adding mediation would help too. There is tons of money to be made still!

Advertising revenue increasing but not for small or indie developers…Big company’s getting higher eCpm and higher fill…what we are getting is the remaining portion from them…

I’m doing mediation and i can get better results, but my revenue now is ridiculous comparing it to before july, to much down suddenly in all the good networks…

Yes maybe is summer maybe nop, they control the market, strange that Admob and FAN slow their revenues at the same time.

Will see how far we go XD