andEngine/Unity required for Puzzle Apps?

I am planning to develop a puzzle App/Game which comprises movement of the bar.
Its close to the popular mouse trap Apps in which user need to perform the movement of the bars to make clear entry for the mouse till the exit.

User put his finger on the bar and slides the finger left/right/up/down and bar will move accordingly.


  • My doubt is that do i need any game engine andEngine or Unity to perform this or android SDK will do the job?
  • So far i am able to move the bar left/right/up/down using the android SDK

kindly share your experience. I am handling this kind of Apps first time.
Advise will be highly appreciated.

I’m using andEngine, its easy to do 2d games. I didnt use Android SDK for games, so I dont know it much. Its important positioning in a game, especially in a puzzle game. AndEngine provides some methods to make it easier. Also andEngine has a better performance, look at that Android sdk vs AndEngine vs libGDX - YouTube

btw I will publish my puzzle game soon.

If you don’t need fast animations using only Android SDK will be enough.

Only need movement of few blocks. does not need any fast animation.

will try using android SDK only

It’s not needed for simple puzzle games. But engines give you much more. Take a look at cocos2d-x (Cocos2d-x | Cross Platform Open Source 2D Game Engine). It’s open-source, multiplatform (android, ios, wp8, html5, winrt etc.). You can use Javascript, C++, or Lua.
Unity is overkill for puzzles, in my oppinion.


Very useful

Try LIBGDX libgdx, you can debug in Desktop/MAC and deploy for Android/IOS/PC/MAC.
And it’s pure Java

Can someone share the differences between Unity/andEngine/libGdx?

i mean where it is overhead to use each of them and where they are best fit and why?

kindly share the practical experiences.

AndEngine is not cross platform.
libgdx doesn’t have a UI. You need to play with co-ordinates, placement of objects using java code. Its cross platform and free
Unity is the dad of cross platform tools/IDE. Has plugin based system. Ad admob plugin and it will give a textbox where you can enter admob id and done. Javascript based coding. Pro version is paid.

Unity 3D Engine is nice to make great games. It was first based for 3d games but they did many new possibility to make 2d games. There are now 2d physics too. Still it needs some improves but very nice. I hate the size for 2d games. Its around 10mb. It’s too big. And I also think the gui-system is terrible. You are almost forced to buy 3rd party plugins to make good guis for your games. And that is nice too. Asset Store which helps to make better games. There you can buy things which can be useful for you. So maybe you need a good waypoint system. Maybe they sell there and you save time. The good thing is just you can build almost free for most needed platforms (crossplatform) like linux, pc, mac, android, ios, flash etc. There are more but some are free and some of them requires license (unity license + platform licence). For the feature if you want turn to 3rd sometimes it is really recommended. But you have to forget the OOP codes. There are gameobjects and you have to think like that. Maybe this gives a startproblem but after little bit it will be easy.
Oh yes, Unity supports c#, javascript and boo. C# is VERY similar to java. C# = Java + (C++)

The next version Unity 5 (currently it is 4.3.3 I guess), will have even more features. They said gui system will changed too. Will be easier to make for 3d and 2d games. Soundmixer, example to make sounds for flashgrenades you know this “peep” and everything gets quiet. If you want to.

Examples what I did with unity.
“Flapping Crew” which is in google play store. It is like Flappy Bird
Stay High Online (<— this one is older than in google play store)

“The revene of the space invaders”
The Revenge of the Space Invaders (<— this one is older than in google play store)