Making Money with Android

An initial push: Impressions exchange

Hey guys:

As we all know, getting spot on Google Play is tough, very tough, so we need to cooperate if we want to make our apps popular. That´s why i would like to propose some kind of system of based on exchange of impression. The idea is simple: When somebody is launching a new app, he/she “borrows” certain amount of impressions from other developers that he/she will eventually pay back (when requested by the other developer)(if possible). A good initial push may be that extra help that could make a good app reach the rankings. The impression could be banners or interstitial ads created as house ads with admob (Can somebody suggest alternatives?). It is an easy way to track an provide evidence for the impressions borrowed.

Lets make 2 things clear right away:

  1. This system is based on trust. I think we all are honorable people, so we can trust on each other. We are also intelligent an prudent enough to decide if somebody may not be trustworthy.

  2. This is a small help, complementary to many other marketing and promotion efforts needed for success.

As i am launching a new app the 24th of July, i would like to offer myself as the starter of this project. The idea is that i could gather 1.000.000 impressions (hopefully that will be translated into 5000 downloads) for the first week. I am talking about banner ads with 45s refresh rate.
I can assign as beta tester to somebody who is really interested on this and want to assess the quality of the app, hence the risk of no being able to pay back. Let me tell you that i am working full time on this, for the last 7 months, and i am planning to launch 1 more game this year and 4 more games the next ones.

Please let me know if somebody is interested in exchanging impressions with me (batches of 100.000 impressions min),

Or you can make your own deals as well of course.

I think this is a great idea! One thing I’d like to see is some tracking for proof of installs, not just trust. You cant track impressions unless you give someone your account login to see. But you can track installs with google anaylitics, so I think it should be based on installs. Also banner ads are useless, 1,000,000 impressions will get you about 300 installs with banners. So we should do interstials or an in-app button.

Do NOT discount banners… I have seen 7% CTR on them. You just need to match audience and creative properly.

That being said… it would be best if you could also cap the impressions at 1 per user per hour. That would cut the number of impressions, but improve the quality of the response.

Also: I don’t mind running banners for someone if they would run a banner for me in exchange (offer open to anyone with a legit non-adult app).

I’m ready to exchange and also I will publish a new app this week. I’m using mediation (banner and interstitial Ads).

What are the various mediation platforms:

  • admob (some people reporting sudden disabling of accounts by Google - David and others previously)
  • mopub (is purely mediation or an ad network ?)

Also which are good for mediating interstitials - though supposedly you can use Admob mediation to do interstitial also … but haven’t seen any clear demo of that on admob website - and since I am using XML based Admob so far, I guess that hasn’t forced or “given me an opportunity” to see admob code that much … but folks say it is simple to use for mediation of interstitials or “is the same thing”.

Any thoughts on this ?

Hey I am ready to exchange ads as well. All the indie devs need to help each other out