An idea of privacy protection launcher

Hi everyone,I am planing to make a“privacy protection” launcher and want to know your ideas and suggestions.

The prototype is a launcher that provides two modes—Guest Mode and Home mode, so you can hide apps under Guest Mode and make them only visible under Home mode. Different access codes for 2 modes, show Guest Mode to your friends, family and colleagues so they will not be able to peek at your secrets, and most importantly, no suspect and no doubt. They would not even notice that you hide your apps.

Now please tell me about how you think about it? Is it a good idea or not? What apps would you hide? And any other functions you want to add?

The of launching of protection is quite good. But I guess you’re quite late with this idea. As you should have been knowing about the Leo privacy guard, this app is similar in nature. Additionally providing some more features.

That is a great idea! You see, I never think of what app I want to hide… Maybe my chat app.

I think this idea is great also. I see J.tayler’s point that there might be other apps out there with this idea set in place already - but if yours is a better user experience / provides more features you will compete with them!