An App that calculates an objects height solely from its shadows length

Hey Community,

First of all I’d like to excuse grammar or spelling mistakes for english is not my native language. If you find one in my Post/App/App-Description please let me know!

I finally managed to release my first app and now I need feedback regarding design and functionality.
The App is named SunlightShadow (Im searching for a better name … let me know if you have a suggestion) and uses your position and the time to calculate the angle between your position, the sun and the horizon.
With that, it can calculate an objects height solely from its shadows length, which could be useful if you want to know the height of e.g. a tree without fearing certain death from falling down
Of course this only works if the sun is shining.
I live in Germany and have no possibilities of testing my app in any other location so if any of you have the time to test it and tell me the result, location and time, that would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if you have any suggestions on how i could monetize or promote this app, let me know. (even though i dont think there’s a market big enough for it to be worth the effort).
Currently I only use an Leadbolt-Appwall, but a Airpush-Smartwall, Re-engagement notifications and an in-app purchase to get users rid of those (advertised as a contribution to my college education if that gets anyone to pay) are planned.

If you write me a Review and want one for your own app, just post a link.

The App can be found here:

Best Regards,
Claas M.

P.S. I hope nobody minds that I posted this on multiple forums to get as much feedback as possible.

Also, if you have any suggestions regarding keywords i could optimize my store-entry for, it would be really nice if you’d let me know because i couldnt think of any.

I’ve had a look at your description and its English is pretty good. However I’ve made a few corrections just to make it seem a little more natural:

Sunlight Shadow uses your location and the time to precisely determine the angle between the sun and the horizon and is then able to calculate an object’s height using only the length of its shadow (Only if the shadow is made by the sun of course).

For this app to work, you have to allow Sunlight Shadow to access your location information, which is not always enabled by default - go to “Settings” -> “Location Settings” to change it.
Also, if you want Sunlight Shadow to achieve the highest possible precision, you may wish to enable Network Location or even better GPS for the App to get your precise location.

If they are any malfunctions in the App please give me your approximate location, the time you tried it and what exactly was wrong so I can fix it (because I am only able to test it in Germany).

If you have any suggestions on how to make Sunlight Shadow better or if you find any mistakes in this description (since English is not my native language) then please let me know :slight_smile:
Sunlight Shadow uses formulas from Wikipedia/Position of the Sun to determine the angle.

Greetings from Munich, Germany
P.S. If you have any suggestions on a better/more suitable name for this App than Sunlight Shadow please let me know because i don’t like the name right now but couldn’t think of a better one.

In my opinion “Sunlight’s Shadow” sounds quite cool and I prefer it to “Sunlight Shadow”. It’s night here so I’ll give it a test tomorrow.

Also I believe your link here was typoed, for anyone else, it should be

If you like: my app has a German description that is probably terrible (my German is nowhere near as good as your English). If you do spot any mistakes I’d really appreciate them being pointed out:

My forum post:[free]-inner-circle-avoid-obstacles-rushing-center-rotating-world.html
My app:

I’ve had a full play today (although the british weather wasn’t completely helpful) and it all seems to work and is very clear and easy to use.

Two comments/suggestions:
-The “log” seems squashed into place. I’m also not sure what purpose it serves. Personally I might remove it.
-One thing that would be awesome would be if the start/end of the shadow could be picked up from GPS (assuming GPS is accurate enough). Since measuring a building’s shadow is very difficult but walking your phone from one end of the shadow to the other is easy

Sorry for answering late.
Haven’t been here in a while.

My corrected version of your description (maybe you still need it):

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Einfaches Konzept, umso kniffligeres Spiel.
Viel Spaß!