Amazon Store

Does anyone has experience with Amazon store? Is it even worth looking at?

Does anyone has comparison on how their app worked out in Amazon store compared to Google Play Store?

Hi chrisdaniel0421,
for my game it doesn’t work at all. I think it’s better SlideMe.
My game get even featured but no downloads boost. Check this link:
I think it was very good at the beginning but not now anymore :frowning:

It worked really poorly for me too, that I have decided to just forget about it.

Maybe other developers have had better experiences.

Depends on the app and monetization models. My apps are paid on Amazon and I’m happy with the results. Whereas they’re free with ads on Play and I believe I make more that way.

Could you share more about it? How much sales do you get from Amazon compared to Play? I never bother to put paid apps on there (actually I had one - but it got 1 sale that was probably cancelled because I didn’t see a dime from that).

My apps are free on Play but for Amazon it seems because the user base is a lot smaller and users are more apt to spend money there I decided to mark them as paid. I feel if I did ads on amazon I wouldn’t be making as much.

Of course, I didn’t test if free was better for me on Amazon, but the amount of users is meager compared to play.

Did you try having your Paid version on Google Play? To see if you get the same, lower or higher number of buyers?

Or do you not have the paid version on Google Play at all?

No paid version on Play for apps that are on Amazon as well. This is just a somewhat untested theory. All I know is some of my less successful and older apps are free and paid on Play. And I’ve made much more as free on Play than with the paid versions.

To put it into perspective, simply adding my more successful apps on Amazon as paid has boosted overall income 10 percent. Depending on the amount of income, it is worth the time to add apps on Amazon.

Because of my success on Amazon, I’ve applied to NOOK developer program as well. For me, even if it boosts income a few percent its worth it because of my larger numbers.

Sorry to bump this, but just wanted to add Kreci’s eBook shows 1.5 to 1 ratio in favor of paid app downloads on Amazon compared to its free counterpart on Amazon. Which is Amazing. However, on Play his ad versions make him 99 percent more than paid Play versions.

But on another income report blog I saw that a developer got 5x downloads for his free app on Amazon as compared to Play…

I’m somewhat second guessing myself as I released a free app on Amazon to test this and I got more downloads as compared to the free Play counterpart. I think there’s just too many variables and it depends on the apps context…But I still feel a general consensus can be made.

I also realize less people rate apps on Amazon from my research and again I don’t think there’s a constant ratio of dl/ratings you could use from Play to figure out Amazon downloads…

David, if you read this can you share download stats for Iphone 4s on Amazon?

interesting @Dan, I’ll try that out. I listed some free apps on there and got zero traction, but the paid app angle is creative !

I’ve noticed a raise in Amazon downloads. Probably a lot of people bought new Kindle Fires.

Hi Magnesus,
you are very lucky.
It doesn’t happen to me :frowning:

PS: Magnesus would you like to join us to irc?
Check this post:

just to share… no increase in downloads for me either.

Hm, maybe my game got onto some of their lists. It’s not a large increase - I had maybe 30-40 downloads a day on Amazon, and recently noticed that I have approximately 100 for the last few days. I’ll check out the IRC.

Hi Magnesus,
you are really lucky.
I have 1-2 downloads normally and sometime 4-5 downloads.
I’m thinking Amazon for me is completely a waste of time :frowning:

I also have my games on Amazon and even though the results are not particularly amazing (60-70 downloads per day) I noticed that an average Amazon user spends much more time in the game than users from Google Play. And in case of ad-supported games more time = more revenue per user. So I’m pretty happy.

I submitted my games to Amazon long time ago but at this time was getting some mediocre 1-2 downloads per day and didn’t really pay too much attention to it. Recently decided to refresh them and updated to more recent versions. Don’t know if it’s because the games are much better now or just because of the update itself but soon after that number of downloads raised significantly and I also started seeing significant raise in number of minutes played.

The good thing is that it doesn’t take too much effort to publish your apps there and it may pay off. In general I have quite some success with third party app stores. All of those combined generate almost half of my traffic. Of course someone can also look at it from the other side and say that I’m very unsuccessful at Google Play because it generates only little more than half of the traffic :slight_smile:

I can see an issue when Amazon 1 year free hosting will finish and they want to get payed 99$ for another year.

I don’t think it worth in my case :frowning:

Currently users that installed my games from Amazon store are generating around $150 per month from ads so I will be paying for sure.

Do you think it will ever end? I doubt it. That could hurt them greately and they are still miles behind Google Play.

Just an update: I released free versions of my apps on Amazon. Not worth it for my apps.