Amazon Mobile Ads: they have stopped paying !

I am very worried by this issue at Amazon (which I thought, until now, had the best customer service).

The last payment for my mobile ads earnings was issued by Amazon on 31Jan2014 (December 13 earnings).

Since then, nothing !
I have started to send them significant traffic in January, so my earnings for January and February are important.
But they have not issued the payments yet (which is against their conditions).

I have received no answer to my emails to their support either.

I wish I could just get them on the phone to have them explain and fix this fiasco, but there is no way to contact them other than a web form they don’t really pay attention to.

Anybody had similar bad experiences with Amazon ?

They pay great attention to the web form actually. Amazon always responds to support tickets. Always. Have you opened one? How long have you waited for the response? How well have you described your issue?

Yes, of course I had used the web form.

I just received their answer (they took 3 days to process the query, which is not so bad per se, but still too long for an urgent matter).
Basically there was an error with my payments details, they are sorry and I have to wait another month to get my payment (I asked them to issue the payment just now, but they say it’s impossible).

Overall I find the support of Amazon Mobile Ads is poor, compared to the quality of the regular Amazon store support.

To be fair, I’ve already had payment issues with Mmedia and Inneractive (not that this makes it acceptable). Always the same scenario: there’s an error on the ad network side, and they just “forget” to notify you, hoping that you will never chase them to get your money.

You should try chartboost they do amazon kindle ads.

Do they have single sdk for play store and amazon?

Yes I think so, but in console you can add amazon or android app, I havent made any apps yet


Amazon still have not paid me a dime for three months now!
The currently owe me 3 months worth of ad earnings.

Then did not comply with the promise they made when I opened the first ticket a month ago:


Thank you for writing in. We escalated this issue to our Accounts Payable team to investigate. They found that there was an error with your Payment Information, that they have manually fixed. They have confirmed that your Jan and Feb earnings will be issued later this month along with your March earnings. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, but please let us know if you have any other issues with your payments.

Fellow developers, beware, Amazon seems like they are not willing to pay as soon as your earnings reach a significant amount. Or maybe they don’t have the basic organization to process the payments correctly.

In any case, this is unacceptable.

I think it’s more of a basic organization problem. I had a similar problem twice in less than 1 year, and if I recall correctly @mind had this problem once also.

From my observations it seems that every time you change your payment details they stop paying you until you complain a lot so they manually check it and fix the problem.

I have changed details a few times - trying to make them to send me money in my own currency (but apparently they only deal in euro for Europe) and I had no such problems.

My payments details have not changed for a year. I continue receiving payments for my app sales without issue by the way.

When Amazon support answered my first complaint a month ago, they claimed that there was “an error in my payment details”, which they fixed manually.
A month later, they found an even more ridiculous excuse: “repayment was delayed due to a payment option change”.

I have not changed anything in my payment info, so this confirms that the payment guys at Amazon are clearly a bunch of amateurs. And they are putting my business in a delicate situation.

Well, they haven’t paid me this month either, or maybe the payment is delayed this time, hard to tell yet. Anyone in similar situation?

And this month they have just send me information I won’t be paid because I haven’t reached the minimum threshold (while they owe me a few thousands of dollars). Two networks didn’t pay me for the last two months - MoPub Marketplace and Amazon. If not for adMob I would be without revenue this month. Insane treatment of developers. (and apparently I am not the only one who wasn’t paid)

Yep!! Now you know the reason I push a network that does pay. Don’t worry I think Amazon will surely pay but MoPub I don’t know. Amazon has a reputation and if they don’t pay developers they will have way more to lose.

@dasebasto have you finally been paid? Because I still haven’t been paid for April and May. Payments for paid apps issued to the same bank account work without problems, payments for ads no - they even send me automatic information that I have too little accumulated for payment (while they owe me about $3k). The support doesn’t help. I will try contacting Jeff Bezos in a few days - that helped me once when support was playing the delay game.

Hey guys

Any updates thinking of integrating amazon ad network guys. Have to choose between amazon or revmob. Guys please help.

Did you get paid? I will supposed to get my first payment from Amazon this month. And which ad networks do you recommended for Amazon app store? I heard good things about Chartboost. I personally tried Admob, and it seems Admob is only worth as a fallback when Amazon ad is not available.

I still haven’t been paid. They claim I will be paid this month. We’ll see.

how much cpm do they give ? i m sry didnt know much abt amazon…


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I have not updated any details in years. The payments from other parts of Amazon (app/iap sales) are going through without any problems to the same bank account using the same payment details - only mobile ads payments are not (since about three months, they were before that). I know you want to post as much as you can so people will click on links below your posts, but try at least to be helpful while doing so and do your research - paypal is not an option in Amazon AppStore (it’s also risky since Paypal likes to block accounts for no reason and tax authorities in my country don’t like it). Sorry for the rant. It’s a touchy issue for me.

When you have no experience on Amazon, please don’t speak for that. Paypal is not supported by Amazon, and I think wire transfer is a better option for payment method on other ad networks, but of course it depends on the fees for your bank too.