Amazon mobile ads compliant with advertising ID

Hello, i was hoping to take full advantage of amazons offer of guaranteed 6 cpm for interstitial ads. But i cant seem to find any information on whether amazons mobile ad SDK is compliant with the Google Play august 1st update. I fear that it isn’t based on the last question under the general & Overview section of this FAQ I would love to get some more concrete evidence though.

According to their implementation guide:
Redirect | None

You just need to implement Google Play Services sdk and use the Amazon api version 5.4.46 or higher. If you do this it should meet the Aug. requirements.

Ah thank you XdebugX. Not sure how i missed this while searching around.

What does the “on Qualified apps” mean, I always fall for these promos. So you get it only if they like your app ?

If you have not seen this it tells basically what needs to be done to qualify

However, the link that tells if your app meets Mobile Ad Network Program Participation Requirements is broken