Amazon mobile ad network

Is anyone using it? They sent me an email stating that if I drove traffic to them daily between now and Dec 31, 2012 and complete some survey they would send me a kindle HD. I figured why not and changed over one of my apps. The not yet finalized ad revenue seems decent, but the fill rates have been horrible so far. Integration wasn’t to bad, but took a bit of tweaking.

I got an email too for registration, but it never mentioned a free Kindle… Did it mention that after you registered or your first email?

Below is the email I received from them:

Congratulations! As a valued developer, we’d like to invite you to participate in the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. If you would like the opportunity to increase your ad revenue, please click here and register. Currently, this offer is only available to select developers such as you. Therefore, we request that you do not forward or distribute this email.

Amazon is building a network for developers, which will offer:
· Great monetization opportunity with competitive eCPM
· High-quality advertisements from Amazon, its affiliates and direct advertisers
· Easy integration through a common Amazon App SDK

We are offering a Kindle Fire HD as an appreciation for sending us traffic daily between today *- 12/10 (or later) and completing our brief survey by 12/15.

We look forward to being an integral part of your monetization strategy. Thank you for distributing your apps on Amazon. We’re excited to see the apps you build and integrate with our Mobile Ads API.

Your Amazon Team

I have looked everywhere for fine print, like minimum traffic, requests, earnings, etc. NOTHING. We will see how this all pans out.

I think you are the chosen one (neo)

Can you tell us the link ? I assume it was not personalized…

Any update with this offer or amazon experiences?

It is open since today as a beta. What is the eCPM? Fill rate?

Also, it is a little unclear (at least to me) what happens if you have an app that integrates it and is available on both Android Play and Amazon. Users who download your app from Amazon obviously already have the Amazon Store on their device, so ads for installing other apps will work fine.

But what happens if a user downloads your app from Google Play and does NOT have Amazon Store installed… and then clicks on an advert ?

Have registered for amazon ad network. My app is pending review with amazon store. will post results of ads here soon…