Amazon Kindle App Store

Hi, if my app was banned in Google Play Store, can I published it in Amazon Kindle?
Will Amazon track whether I published this app before and banned me if they know Google Play Store banned me before?

really hope to know the answer.


You can. But they review each app so make sure it doen’t break any rules before posting it there.

Why your app was banned by Google Play?

I have some apps in Amazon, but the downloads are only a small fraction compared with Google Play. They review your app, and they were always possitive about my apps. Some Kindle devices lack some functionality, ie. no microphone. You can choose in the store for which devices you want your apps tested and publish. Watch the checkboxes, because only one time my app was refused, when I forgot to select the proper devices, as my app needed a microphone. One email to their helpdesk and everything was ok. They are really nice.