Amazon Interstitials - Launched today!

Hey all.

If anyone’s interested in trying them, their interstitial just launched today. The traffic is mostly US, but I believe that in time they will have more worldwide campaigns, as happened with their banner. Their eCPM for interstitials seems to be around USD 4.00 - USD 4.50.

More info:


Thanks for the update

At the same time their banners eCPM dropped by some 20% :confused:

Or at least for me… my revenue with Amazon plummeted these last 2 days.

Actually I think it’s related to this:

Their campaign probably lasted 2 months and just finished yesterday, so the eCPM is back to normal (the revenue with Amazon was indeed high on these last 2 months).

Are you sure? My eCPM is still $1.5 although the fill rate is way down.

My eCPM is down by some 10-20% and the fill rate also dropped by 10-20%.

It seems that the eCPM today is a bit higher than yesterday’s, I will wait for the day to finish and post back here.

Guys, there is a MAJOR bug on this SDK they released today (5.3.9), so don’t release any app with it, wait for a patch.

It will crash your app if the internet is off on a fresh install of the app (nothing cached).

Bug has been fixed: