Amazon Interstitial Ads 6$ Warranty

Hey Bros~
Amazon Ad Network has sent an email told me that:
Guaranteed $6CPM for Interstitial Ads on Qualifying* Apps

Dear Developer,
We are offering a limited time opportunity to earn a guaranteed $6 CPM for interstitial ads on qualifying apps. We encourage you to participate today. All qualifying iOS and Android apps that integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API and send the ad request for the first time on or after July 14, 2015 will receive a guaranteed $6 CPM on interstitial ads in September, October and November (up to 1 million impressions per app per month). Interstitial impressions served across all supported devices (iOS, Android, and Fire OS tablets and phones), supported countries (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan), and supported stores (Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore) qualify.

Does anyone try Amazon Ad Network, how do you think about its revenue, eCPM , fill rate?

I read a thread here that impressions count can be tweaked to bump up the eCPM $. Say, you got 10k impressions but you’re being paid $30 only; so your eCPM comes to $3. To bump the figure the network can report a figure of 5k impressions instead. Your dashboard eCPM becomes $6 now! Welcome to mobile advertising :smiley:

any one using them along with admob mediation?

This is Amazon. If they say $6 eCPM they really mean it. I’ve earned my share when they ran similar promotion for banners. I have recently added Amazon interstitials to one of my games - they show ads for products from Amazon store - targeted though, so the CTR might be good (I haven’t yet looked at the numbers).

Also the months the promotion will be on are usually the best months for eCPM anyway, so they might plan on running some large campaigns then.

Hi Are you using it with mediation ? If not what you do for backfill , because amazon don’t fill always

Well, duh.

Yes, it sucks. I launched a couple of my most popular apps on AMZN using their SDK and the return was as close to zero as you can possibly get - like 5c per day versus $5-$7 on Google (per app).

Hence their ‘promotion’.

Now I only ‘sell’ my apps for 99c on their market. Sell one app per month and its the same as you would have received for a MONTH letting the app be free but using their lethargic ad SDK.

When did you integrated ads and got that low revenue…they said if you integrate now you will get 6$ ecpm in September. October and November… Please wait dude

Their $6 ecpm offer is for apps on Google Play as well. Just have to integrate their ads, store it’s on doesn’t matter.

But Amazon charge 30% for US Tax even you are not US Citizen, I am quite considering about it.
I have 20k impression for Interstitial ads with Admob per day but I just got about ~11$, it it quite low even 20% come from US.
Any suggest for Interstitial ads Guys?

Well, if you’re speaking from experience, it does sound good now. Just a little query though. What happens if the user doesn’t have the Amazon app store installed? Do we lose those user clicks? or, do they open in browser and count?

You may use amazon ads without user having amazon app store installed. Everything will be still counted, but the fill rate may be affected.

But how does that work if the ad is for an app that’s published on Amazon app store? Or, do they make sure that apps are published on Play as well? I wonder if those clicks open Amazon store app on Play :smiley:

Most of the Amazon Interstitial ads I’ve seen are not for apps, but for products on

will correct you on this.

Clicks on most of Google store ads point to the market. Amazon hardware does not support Google Store.
Hence even if user click on the ad,it won’t convert to revenue.

Believe me, apps that were download from the Play store and don’t have the Amazon market can still serve Amazon ads. The fill rate will be low (about 20% in my experience), but maybe that’s because they don’t show ads for apps if you don’t have the amazon market. Most of the interstitials I’ve seen from Amazon ads are for products on

I think you misunderstood gcc’s post. From what I’ve understood, he means that if you upload the same app that you have on Google Play to Amazon app store, the app won’t generate as much revenue. That’s because Amazon apps will get downloaded to Kindle Fire line of devices (that’s the hardware he’s talking about) that don’t have Play installed. So, AdMob ads which mostly link to Play won’t generate revenue even if the user clicks on it.

And, I get what you’re saying too. That’s the reverse scenario: Amazon ads on normal Android devices with Play pre-installed. The SDK will only load ads for products if the Amazon app store isn’t installed and hence fill rate will take some hit.

Correct, no?

I tried to implement Amazon Interstitial in a test App and I am getting only ads about products on website.
Anyone have experience how the actual revenue is?
Most of my users are from USA but still less than 50% overall. So I guess for most other countries users those Ads would be quite useless.
Also, is the average mobile phone user interested in Amazon products compared to the “usual” advertise of other Apps?

The ads for products I’ve seen were on Kindle Fire tablet - so maybe they display them on devices that already have Amazon store installed.

I think that’s not true.
They define ‘qualifying app’ in the following way:

    A “Qualifying App” is any mobile app that:

      1.  runs on Android, iOS or Fire OS operating system,
      2.  is published to the Amazon Appstore (Android apps only),
      3.  has integrated the Amazon Mobile Ads API on or after July 14, 2015,
      4.  meets the Mobile Ad Network Program Participation Requirements, and
      5.  sends an interstitial ad request to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network during the offer period.

According to (2) you need to publish an app on the amazon store, right?
Of course you will still get the $6 eCPM if the app was downloaded from Google Play, but the app needs to be available in Amazon.