Amazon: Free Cross-Platform Analytics & Testing Services for Developers

I just got this email from Amazon:

Dear Developer,

Amazon Analytics and A/B Testing services are now available for developers, with support for iOS, Android, and Fire OS. By leveraging the data provided by Amazon Analytics Reports and A/B Testing, you can take steps to increase user engagement and monetization overall across platforms. Both services are free to use, regardless of usage level. These new services are built to scale on AWS, so you can focus on building great apps rather than back-end infrastructure.
Analytics: Monitor User Engagement with Your Apps and Games

[li]Free to use, simple to understand and integrate[/li]> [li]View graphical reports on metrics like active devices, sessions, retention, in-app revenue from a simple dashboard[/li]> [li]Create more exciting content for customers to keep them engaged[/li]> [li]Track your in-app revenue trends to drive monetization uplift[/li]> [/ul]
A/B Testing: Test and Deploy up to Five Experiences on iOS, Android and Fire OS without Updating Code

[li]Server-side logic enables you to deploy new experiences to players without writing additional client-side code[/li]> [li]Test new features with a segmented group of users before rolling out features broadly[/li]> [li]Easily control which users see your experiments by segmenting your audience using criteria you define[/li]> [li]Free regardless of usage level, and available within the same SDK as Analytics[/li]> [/ul]
Interested in learning more?

[li]Download the Amazon Mobile App SDK to get started with Analytics, A/B Testing, and GameCircle[/li]> [li]Join our Cross-Platform Analytics and A/B Testing Webinar on December 5th, 2013[/li]> [li]Meet us at AWS re:Invent, where we are bringing together mobile and game developers for three days of deep technical content and monetization strategies, as part of the Mobile and Gaming track. Check out our re:Invent video preview.[/li]> [/ul]

Sincerely,Amazon Mobile App Distribution Team

So it seems Amazon is now offering free A/B testing for mobile apps. Server-side tweaks to the code, with user segmentation also available. Seems like AppBrain’s Remote Settings on steroids.

I’ve actually been on the lookout for this kind of service for a while. It seems like pretty big news to me. What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the idea of large-scale A/B testing for apps? Or perhaps not overly impressed to see yet another in-app analytics service?

Multiplatform and integrated with analytics, interesting. I was planning to use my own server for things like that, but this could save me some time. Good thing that it is multiplatform (unlike AppBrain).