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Hi all,
I’m actually having some problem to understand how Amazon AppStore works.
I have my little game been approved here:

but I didn’t get any download at all. I know my game is not fantastic but in Google Play and SlideMe I have 200 downloads and even on Opera AppStore I have 70 downloads.
I think it could be because it looks like my game is not Kindle compatible but I haven’t received any rejection about that.
Should I do it something special to have my game Kindle compatible?

PS: I also having problem with GetJar: No downloads and I can’t find my app even using an exact search.


with getjar it is a bit complicated because there are two distribution channels, 1 is play market the other is by upload.

one of them does not generate downloads - i think you need the upload one.

be sure to NOT specifiy to upload a file AND a market link in ONE submission, you need to create two different “xxxxx” … have forgotten how they do name it … I made the same mistake in the beginning.

if you specifiy a file to upload AND a market link (in one turn) they will use the market link (no downloads counted) - you need to upload your binaries there.

Hi reiti,
thank you. I did what you suggest about getjar and I’ll wait few days to see some result.
About Amazon AppStore I open a ticket and I’ll wait a reply from them.
I’m actually having some problem with number in flurry and number of download from different markets.
It seems that the number of downloads are bigger than the number of users reported by flurry.
Did you experience similar thing?



Our app Bridge Constructor also creates problems on Kindle Fire (had a 1-star review due to that). The download numbers on Amazon are not very high: 176 since its release on July 24 (a bit more than 2 weeks).

What’s the relation of your Amazon downloads compared to those you have on Google Play? Is it worth putting an effort into a version that works fine on Kindle?

I think have a game on Amazon that doesn’t work on Kindle Fire is a waste of time.
I still think that most of the devices using Amazon AppStore are Kindle Fire and if your game is not Kindle Fire compatible they are not going to see your game.
Actually the number of downloads are very few (about 20 per day) but just one day I get 155 downloads.
To be honest checking with Flurry I know that these downloads are not active users.
My current number of download on Google Play is 3700 (about 200 per day) but it’s difficult to compare because I had some review from Italian websites pointing to Google Play.
I think in long term it’s good to have it on Amazon AppStore but only if it’s Kindle Fire compatible.

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I don’t think having a game that’s not Kindle Fire compatible is a waste of time. My game is not compatible with tablets/Kindle Fire but I still get about 30 downloads a day and about 1-3 sales for the pro version a month on it. Sure for a larger company that might be a waste of time but for me I think it’s great to get those extra downloads every day. :slight_smile:

Hi Solirify,
but why you can’t make your game Kindle Fire compatible?

Do you have any special issue?

You get 30 download a day (that is really good) but maybe you can get far more if it was Kindle Fire compatible. :slight_smile:

Too lazy I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this was my first game I didn’t really know how I would make it work on both tablets and smartphones… First time I submitted the app/game to Amazon I also had tablets checked but they declined it because they had to scale it up or something like that, so I only have it for smartphones now. I guess it could lead to more downloads if I also made it Kindle Fire compatible but I would like to finish my new game first…

Amazon is insane. I’m trying to release my new game for it and they take two weeks only to inform me that they found some small issue and I need to fix it… I fix it and after that they find another issue (after another two weeks of waiting)… And most issues they report is linking to Google Play - I had to turn off most ads because of that (fortunately they are accepting admob for some reason even though it’s also linking to Google Play a lot of times). Other issue they reported was probably a problem with their device (music was playing after turning off the screen - I’m playing it the same way in all my games, they found the issue in one… :huh:)… I think I will have version 2.0 of the game on Google Play while on Amazon there won’t be any released yet. (sorry for that rant, they’ve got on my nerves).

PS. I resubmitted the game without change - it worked once, maybe I’ll get more reasonable people testing it this time.

I’d say it’s worth the time scaling your game if it does reasonable on Google Play at all. Other users on Google Play will download it that wouldn’t of before as well. I’m actually in the process of uploading my portfolio of apps on Amazon, even though I have to remove Play links and stuff.

What’s stopping you from programming with DP instead of in PX?

@Solirify - you can test in emulator how your games/apps scale. It’s worth the work because tablets are more numerous every day and there is of course Nexus 7.

I am using DP and it seems to be scaling fine on a tablet (in the emulator at least), so I’m not sure why they didn’t approve it…

I think I will try to include tablets in Amazon when I update it again.

On Google Play I have it so all devices can download it. I’ve also had positive (5 stars) reviews from users with tablets and also a couple of the ones who bought the ad-free version has bought it for their tablet.

About links to Google Play – I also got that complaint because I had Swarm integrated into the app which linked to other games using it. I wrote them back about it and they said they would see what they could do the next time I submitted it. I then submitted it again (and also wrote about Swarm in ‘additional details’) and they approved it.

I had the same problem with swarm and amazon… There was an option in the swarm sdk to disable the links to other apps… Then they approved it

A developer from Swarm here.

It looks like @Solirify and @fiveHellions found it already, but for any other developers out there looking to use Swarm to power leaderboards and achievements in their Android games and then launch them on the Amazon AppStore, all you have to do is add a call to Swarm.enableAlternativeMarketCompatability(); It can be called at almost any time, but its easiest just to do it right before the Swarm.init(…); call. This strips out all references and links to Google Play from the Swarm screens. That’s all there is to it :). We’ll be sure to update our documentation to make that function more apparent.

Thanks to both @Solirify and @fiveHellions for mentioning that Swarm-enabled games can indeed be launched on the Amazon AppStore. We really appreciate it :). Cheers!