Amazon AppStore fake downloads?

Hi guys,
I’m having a strange download result on Amazon AppStore.
My game normally have around 5-10 downloads per day but yesterday I had 155 downloads.
It seems strange because checking on flurry I had only 28 users using Kindle Fire yesterday.
I know that 99% of devices using Amazon AppStore are Kindle Fire.

Do you experience something similar?

Best Regards,

I wouldn’t say kindle fire is 99% of the devices with Amazon AppStore. I know lots of people who go to amazon just for the free app of the day.

Hi XdebugX,
I can agree with you but flurry says that my total new users on August 1st are 182 but I have 155 from Amazon AppStore and 155 from Google Play.
It’s very unlikely that the user download the game and before to open it disable internet connection. At least I can see 128 missing downloads.
I don’t see how to explain this. One of this number need to be wrong.

Any idea?


Maybe they downloaded you app but haven’t played it yet. Sometimes when I’m looking for apps, I will download 5-10, but don’t get time to try them all that day. I couldn’t say for sure if amazon’s numbers are right or not.

Hi XdebugX,
I think this could make sense. I guess I’ll see more kindle fire in flurry over the weekend.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


No problem :wink:

To put it in perspective, I have one app that has over 400k downloads about 50k active installs, and gets only about 5k impressions per day. So just because you have downloads don’t expect those users to use your app everyday.

Hi XdebugX,
how did you get 400k downloads?
Could you give me some tips?

It’s one of my first apps, first put on the market back in 2010. So it has lots of opportunities in the “Just In” section hehe, and it’s the type of app that gets shown to your friends. Man I wish I had been developing for android back in 2007 hehe.

As far as tips, just make the best app you can, it takes some luck and advertising doesn’t hurt. Almost have to do advertising to compete with the big software developers. Unless you find a niche app and people are searching for it and it just takes off.

Thank you. I think I’ll finish this game and I’ll create something different for cross promoting.

Yeah, don’t give up if your not immediately successful. Every new app you make can be cross promoted. :wink:

1.) You may get featured by amazon, they don’t tell you, you will just be featured for a couple of hours or so, that will result in a short download boost - not sure, if amazon still do it, but they also offer some games fro free for a very limited time (you will get paid, if it is a paid app)

2.) Do not forget, that amazon may let users try your app in their webbrowser - not sure, if all that tracking and connection will work there :slight_smile:


  1. How can I discover if that happen?
  2. How that works? Is it something like citrix?

Anyway yesterday was back to 24 downloads :frowning:

a 1.) don’t know … i just recognized something like that because of a download boost - had it one time with a paid app

a 2.) … hmm … no … not sure how it works exactly, they play your app in the browser, maybe by a java applet, not sure. there is a thread on this forum about that somewhere

Thank you :slight_smile: