Amazon app store

Is there anyone tried Amazon app store? Do you think that people are more willing to pay for apps there than in Google play store?
Can we post apps with the existing ad networks (which are currently working with Google play store)? And is the eCPM different?

I use them and they are good enough for me to continue using them. My GP to Amazon ratio is irrelevant because I have done no advertising for Amazon. Users are more willing to pay for apps on Amazon. It has been well published and documented as such. I’ve also ran small tests with paid apps and have seen Amazon users willing to spend the money. You can post apps with existing ad networks, no issues there and I have noticed an increase in CPM but that is because I get primarily USA users from Amazon whereas GP is more diverse.

Can someone give numbers about the ratio without advertising?
EDIT: just saw that almost everyone of my competitors already uploaded his app to amazon - and failed successfully.

So for small developers with 2k DLs/day, this seems to make no sense at all

I find it very random with AppStore - one of my apps got a lot of downloads while other - more popular on Google Play - not.

The whole store seems to have failed - the “Bestseller”- list contains apps that have a rating of 6, 18, 98 ,77 in the top 4 places.

  1. Tried on several apps.
  2. Yes, people are more willing to pay. Would say about 4x higher in terms of ARPU (average revenue per user) than Google Play users.
  3. Yes, at least admob/mmedia are fine. Also, Chartboost has a good fillrate for interstitial ads. Amazon also can serve their own ads if you integrate their SDK

The only problem is that it’s harder to get downloads than on Google Play.

Do we have to integrate amazon SDK in order to upload to amazon app store? Can we just use our existing APK from google play and upload it?

and anyone tried uploading app with startapp and airpush ?

Now a days they are sending emails to developers that you updated app on other store (most probably play store) and you are ignoring us. Pls. don’t ignore us.

(The above is the crux of their email)

They even send an email stating if you ignore us we will not waive the $99 per year fee (they required that I response to the e-mail in order for the fee to be lifted). :slight_smile:

I have used Amazon App store many a times , it has one feature that is “free app of the day”. I have downloaded the best free app so many times and some paid apps too.
I got good conversions from Amazon for my apps.

We’ve submitted our app for the Amazon app store since they emailed us and asked that they are big fan of our app - have no idea how do they found it, maybe because it was just released on Google Play. They offered promotion and it’s started few days ago. Looks like now we have around x3 more downloads than from Google Play, and it’s growing, but I think it will drop when they stop promoting our app (hope not :)).
Also looks like they choosed us as Developer Select:
But I have no idea how to use that, looks like it will be available in the future (maybe someone has some experience with that?).
So I think it’s worth to submit your apps there, there is a chance that they will help you with the promotion.

Thank you for all the posts, as I am also thinking to go towards Amazon, and test it out.

Is it better to use Amazons SDK for the ads, than to go with what we are going on GPlay?
Do you have any idea on how much it matters if your app is also redesigned for Kindle?

Thank you!

Look at joining Amazon’s Developer Select program for feature opportunities in the Amazon store.