Amazon App Store Description

So I’ve got my apps listed with Amazon now too, but I noticed something the other day…the description for some of the apps is basically an entire HTML page.

Does anybody know if we can we include HTML in our amazon descriptions? I just assumed that we could not, but that’s probably just me used to Google Play stripping it all out. heheh.

Any ideas?

Amazon may modify your description and release notes. I recognized that a few times, that they spelled some things different, so they give you a little “service” to market your app. Not bad

More and more Kindle Users are able to use google play … so I am not sure, which future amazon app store has … especially because they invent everything new, new copy protection, new licensing, new in-app purchase, new payment provider… sorry amazon but that’s crap

paypal is supportet in google play soon also (i’ve heard)… but amazon will only support THEIR payment network… i start to do not more liking them and the downloads from amazon are quite low too

I put my game on Amazon App Store, I get quite a bit more downloads from Google Play and Slideme. Plus Amazon has a 4 or 5 day approval process for every update. It’s kind of a pain.

Big pain, I hate it :slight_smile: But they just want to be sure, that the app is running on Kindle … Samsung do it the same way with their own store.

Ya I know, just sucks when you make a small insignificant change and have to wait another week. For a store that gets me like 1 download a day. Not sure if it’s worth it.

What bugs me most about the Amazon Appstore is they have a New Releases section. Right? Wrong! It’s labelled that, but it’s really not. It’s the same as Google’s “Top New Games.” So only the top downloaded games released in the last month or whatever.

There’s no visibility in the Amazon Appstore either.

But you can have some luck and your app is promoted by amazon so they give it away for free for some hours but you get paid from amazon. I think that happened to me after uploading my first game there. but i am not sure.

Ya that’s true. Everything I’ve heard from Google’s Staff Picks or Featured lists, those are are simple where the big companies can pay to give their stuff premium visibility. You can’t accidently appear there.

Course, my app is free, so I don’t think I qualify for Amazon’s deal :slight_smile:

I hate what Amazon does with my submissions! Not only they don’t allow any formatting in the description, but they also rewrite it to make it more boring. “This highly addictive game” they changed to “This game”. WTF???
They also make lots of mistakes. For example, I had “20 free puzzles plus 30 in full version” in features section, they changed it to “20 free puzzles, 30 in full version”. Have no idea, why they do this.

Hmmmm yeah that’s not good. You can’t mess with someone’s marketing message! That’s a big pet peeve of mine so I hear ya! =S

Haha yeah that 20/30 mistake is NOT good!

You know from your description, it seems like they might be trying to make it shorter to squeeze as much of it into a small space. Does that seem correct? It’s obvious they’re not doing a good job, though…

They are definitely shortening the descriptions. I always have longs ones and they end up cut to just a few lines.

Currently they have definitely a problem with their certificate on their SSL - Sites (like developer console) - extremely slow, stylesheet and java script times out …

The same is true for adobe website (no purchase possible over ajax interface) … it seems, that the big companies only hire students which have no idea of what they are doing xD