Amazon App Store - awful results?

Hi everybody, so, I uploaded one of my average apps, which on google play has a few thousand downloads in a few weeks. However, after a week on Amazon, it has " - " downloads (meaning zero).

Google Play:

I’ve done the usual ASO (translating to different languages using google translate, using keywords, etc)

Is this normal? What are your experiences?

For me Amazon AppStore downloads and sales are slowly dying. It started about a year ago and now are close to zero. The only thing that still sells there for me is Fire TV stuff (but it’s about 1 sale per day).
I suspect one of the reasons might be that other developers are buying fake reviews - maybe they are getting the downloads now because they have more and better reviews. Other reason might be that people stopped buying Kindle Fire tablets. And we all know Fire Phone was a disaster.

Being from the U.S., I would say this is most likely the reason.

Oddly enough I have the opposite problem. On google I get 20-50 downloads a day. And that’s a huge improvement b/c before I changed my icon and description I couldn’t get more than 5 downloads a day. But it seems to have peaked at 50, b/c no matter what I try, I can’t get it any higher. On iTunes I get about the same 20-50 downloads a day. The only difference is that Apple users actually buy the in app purchase items from time to time. On Google I’ve never made a single sale.

On Amazon I get between 120 and 150 downloads a day, and they buy the in-app purchases all the time. I average about $10 a day on Amazon. On Apple about $2 a day. On Google it’s $0.

Would you like to review exchange?

I never had any luck on Amazon neither :frowning:

In my case I get from Amazon about 2 downloads at day, overall 78 downloads (game published about a month ago). In GP is about 1100 downloads overall (10-30 at day) Capital Map Flag: Appstore for Android
But no one rated or reviewed it:p

I use Amazon appstore ONLY so I can access Amazon ads for the app…

Yeah, I somehow got my little niche over there. Not that it’s all that big or anything, but I get more downloads on Amazon than Google and iTunes combined.

the amazon app store is dying. read this: Tablet sales and market share - Kindle struggling - Business Insider

kindle fire = dying
kindle phones = flop

i expect amazon app store downloads to be halved within 1-2 years

Fire TV will also receive a large hit since Shield TV beats it in every regard.

You can not use amazon app store as your primary source of getting downloads, you can only get a significant amount of downloads if you are in the top or featured which takes alot of reviews.

Well that was fun while it lasted. I was getting over a 100 downloads a day from Amazon, for a while. Then it dropped to 80 one day, then 40, 15, 8, 4 and now 0. No idea why I spiked up, but I’m off whatever list was doing that. Oh well. I made about $100 in in-app purchases. Not too shabby for Amazon.