Amazon and opera

I have a question about these big android game website, recently I uploaded my android game in google-Play, and I heard that amazon and opera can also upload the android game in their website, and the revenue is quite good, but do I need to use their SDK or ads system ? where I need to remove my google-play-service and use their sdk to develop game?? any idea on this?

for amazon and opera you don’t need to use their own sdk or ads system.

Depends on what you really use from the Google Play Services library, really (Kindle tablets can’t even install it).

No there is no need of their own sdk or ads system in order to put your application over their application store.

As far as the app package itself goes you just click Upload APK and you upload the same package on Google Play, Amazon or Opera.

Opera and amazon do not require you to use their own sdks or ads sys. One thing I like about opera mobile store is they give developers more ways of promoting their application. And available from opera mini and opera mobile browsers for handset devices, also they support platforms such as iphone, java, symbian, windows, blackberry, netbook and as well as Android in this case. Another good thing is you can bid for your customer downloads.