Amazon Ads

Anyone tried this and any comments on the performance? I am trying to integrate one for one of my apps, using Admob as the backfill as it only serves ads to some countries.

It’s not so great , but good as backfill

I read that it is paid by impressions and eCPM is quite high.

I tried some months but not good, bad ecpm for me

Thanks. I will report back my results after a few weeks. :slight_smile:

First day result is definitely bad. Very low fill-rate.

Thanks for posting Falcon80. Is this for an app that is goign strong or just you uploaded it?

I don’t know, but maybe Amazon Ads need to have install Amazon App like FAN?

Ecpm was bad for me, I tried it 2/3 months ago but not good.

One of my better performing apps. I am testing only for iOS at the moment.

It does not require that but it only serve ads to some countries (less than 10).

Yeah they serve ads to 7 countries…
U.S,U.K,France,Germany,Italy,Spain and Japan… other country users end up with no ads served to them I think…

That’s the trick with finding an ad network… will it perform for me.
I have read how admob works for some and not others, unity, applovin, adbuddiz, heyzap, so on and so on. Do they work? And always here yes… and no.

Instead of asking for others experiences, why not just give them a shot? Because it takes 4 months to inject their sdk?
Enhance™ will allow you to inject multiple sdk’s in a matter of minutes. Giving you the option to try Amazon, to try Unity, to try Applovin and control them in your own mediation area. Don’t like one? Pull it. Swap it for another and Enhance™ your app again. 2 minutes each time is way better than 4 months of coding. Now you can find out which network will work best for you.