Amazon ads: what happened to fillrate?

Since the 25th, amazon reported an higher fill rate value, but impressions instead to raise they are continuously decreasing along with earnings!
Before i was making about 100$/day now only 15$ :frowning:

Requests are still the same…

For me, this is only a reporting bug.

My request/impression rate in admob mediation did not change but the graph in Amazon is awfull.

What cpm u have with amazon?

Same stuff with me… It’s as if the fail method isn’t being called.

But to me the most reasonable explanation is that amazon is executing a validation process for the impressions…

My cpm for interstitial is fixed to 6$, and 1$ for banners

Reporting bug IMO (they have screwed this pooch before!). My Amazon dashboard is showing requests dropped to 1% of what they were and I KNOW that is not true…

Same problem here.
This is extremely preoccupying.

My revenue with Amazon has fallen by more than 90% since 25SEP2014.
Google AdMob Mediation figures have been stable on the other hand.

I am afraid Amazon might have changed the way of counting impressions. (they have changed the computation of fill rate on 23SEP)

I will contact Amazon support and ask them what’s going on.

It seems like this is affecting everyone. I got 75% less revenue with the same number of requests and strangely high eCPM.

Could this have to do with their guaranteed $6 ecpm promotion for Aug. and Sept.? Maybe a huge influx of developers has the impressions spread thin?

They’ve changed fillrate policy (since 23th)

Read below ad reports graph

@parseInt32 - that doesn’t explain the huge drop in revenue. I suppose they send less of their own ads now (they used to advertise their own things, maybe now some promotion ended and they have stopped).

For me, this is still a bug in the report…

As amazon reported requests are way different from request in my mediation network.
I still see ads from amazon in my app.

In july I’ve seen same problem : 3$ / day for two or three weeks and one day, all the daily reports were refreshed with actual revenues.

Check the dashboard, they’ve fixed earnings report

Thanks, it looks like it is back to normal in the regard to revenue. At least close to my old numbers.

I confirm that the reporting seems to be fixed.

This is a big relief.