Amazon ads payment cycle date ?

Anyone know roughly when Amazon pays ? FAQ says:

we will remit payment approximately 30 days after the end of the calendar month in which the sale occurred. For example, we would remit payment for January sales beginning in March, which is 30 days after the end of January

Well… I assume this means that August earnings would be paid in October… but any idea WHEN in October ?

Last month I’ve received info that they’ve send payments (but not to me - haven’t reached the threshold) on 29th.

Payments usually arrive in my account on the 26-28th of each month.

Heh… so it seems their payment terms are more like net45 ?

That quoted line from the FAQ is about Sales (apps and IAP), and not Ads, as far as I understood. I have no idea what their term for Ads is.

I havent received anything from them yet, so I cant do the math and figure it out. Since I started using them on August, all I can say is that they are NET45 or more (since we’re on October 15th).

Anyone getting payments from Amazon ?

I assumed that I would have been paid by now for August…

So I filed a ‘WTF?!?’ support request…

Today I received a remittance advice from them saying that the funds should appear in my bank account in 5 business days.

UPDATE: the funds arrived in my bank account.

They’ve just informed me about payment. But in the reports I have “cheque” as a method of payment for some reason (I’ve set up a wire transfer). I wonder if it’s a mistake or will I really receive a cheque? (fortunately it’s only a small sum)