Amazing Wheel – Word and Phrase

Are you the next billionaire?
If you are looking for something to test your intelligence and train your brain power, Amazing Wheel is the right one for you! It is a mobile app for you to achieve your dream to become a billionaire (in virtual world)!
Amazing Wheel - Word and Phrase is an addictive and fun quiz game for words and phrases for the category of your choice for free. There are 15 categories of fortune in this wheel game.You can unlock more category to widen your choice of words and phrase to make your wheel game more interesting and challenging.

Suitable for all ages! Even if you have solved the word or phrase for a particular category in the wheel quiz. You can replay any unlocked category anytime to train your memory and brain power. AMAZING WHEEL, play like a genius, feel marvelous.
Download the Amazing Wheel - Word and Phrase now for free & unlimited joy!
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