Amazing house of ads solution

Anyone tried this new service myhouseofads?

I tried few days ago and I can say is a very good service, Im getting really good results.

how it works?? i didn’t understand, how they give you installs??

This is for you promote your apps inside your apps. For example you create some ad that will show in your other app that was integrate with the sdk. It’s amazing and easy to use. I, m getting good results.

I registered yesterday, I can tell is very simple to integrate the sdk and the web site is easy to use. I will post my results here.

but you can do this also from admob, you can create free house ads in easy way

yes thank you, share your results with us

I use this platform is much better:

The web site is not in english how can be better? Very confused

I think this thread is a comedy show

Recently I am testing this house ads platform.

I integrate SDK in 3 apps.

These are the results.

In the section to add apps let you enable or disable real-time and change the order of apps.