Amazing Android Mind Game to convert blocks (Free) !!!

I have started this thread to share one of my favorite mind game. “Convert the blocks” is not only a fun game but is a good mental exercise. Players who played this game liked it a lot and has given good reviews. This game is all about converting the blocks from one theme to another.


  1. Start the game and you’ll get some blocks of one particular theme.As you’ll click on any block it will convert it’s surrounding blocks in to another theme, so you have to convert all the blocks in to that theme. As the level increases your difficulty level also increases.
  2. Steps involved are very simple but it involves a lot of trick to convert all the blocks in same theme.
    3.You can choose theme of your choice and you can start the game with your selected theme.
    4.Most attractive feature is that you can chose level of your choice. You can start the game from first level and can reach next level by winning first level or you can directly choose last level or any level of your choice to play.

Convert the blocks” manages a good graphics, and its sounds and background music will make your game experience more interesting.
I enjoyed a lot while playing felt a lot of mental practice as I was playing any brain storming quiz…
Must try this out!!!
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