Alternatives to Google Play

Not sure if this is a good fit for this thread, but what the hell.

Some of my awesome apps got reported and consequently suspended. I’m surprised at the simplicity of the process, but that’s another topic altogether.

Can anyone recommend some viable alternatives to Google Play?

Google’s dev support is non-existent, and constantly being at their mercy (whether legitimate or not) leaves me rather uneasy. I want to explore other avenues.

So far I found a bunch of my apps on I’m guessing they publish whatever Play has.


Can you show us your apps, that were banned?

Wait, why were these banned? If that’s a topic for another thread, please let me know where it is. Wanna see what caused all this.

I’m just wondering if the graphics or names used were copyrighted stuff?

I think so. He uses images from well-known copyrighted anime series (Dragon Ball Z and others). It’s like those that use brand names and logos (Monster anyone ?). They are “walking the tightrope”.

Yea, no doubt they are copyrighted. I’m just surprised that a lot of the other apps that infringed on the same copyrights did not get taken down. Not a whole lot of consistency on Google Play.