Alternatives to Admob: all networks are broke?

Hi all, these days i am testing a lot of network and i se there is no serious alternative to admob

With them i have a 0.6-0.8 euro RPM, i have both interstitials and banners but i wanto to find something to integrate my earnings.

First of all i have to say my traffic is from europe.

I try startapp : incredible way to calculate impressions, totally different from real things, ECPM of about 0.55 usd, 0.60 usd…i use only banners. Ecpm seems good but impressions are lower than real impressions so earnings are totally lower than admob earnings

[b]Mobvista /b incredible earnings, i show stats for one day
Date Impression Click Install CTR CVR eCPM Earning
2014-07-22 4,638 50 0 1.08% 0% 0 $0.00

sometimes ecpm is 0.30$ , sometimes 0.15

I stop a moment to ask you if it is possible to add these banner and use space on your apps for these 2 networks… :mad:

Appnext i am testing interstitials, i see something stange like this

Impressions Clicks Installs CTR CR Earning eCPM
130 7 2 5.38 28.57 1.08 8.35
i don’t understand way to calculate impressions but overall it seems something better, i have to finish 48 hours of tests

i will leave mobvista and startapp , i will evaluate appnext… i make 2.300.000 imp a month someone can give me valid alternatives? I cannot use all sdk because i develop with basic4android, html tags ads are ok and also some sdk but not all.

Thanks in advance for your tips

I also tried leadbolt, html5 banner, little earnings but not so bad as others
Views/Imps 6,928 Clicks 64 Top eCPM – Revenue $2.32

Here imps count are more believable…

Leadbolt ??? The company as such has issues

Results with them are still ridicolous compared with admob but less ridicolous than with startapp and mobvista, on the other hand i didn’t try to cashout and i don’t know if they pay

To be honest, the result you shown to us, which is less than 10k impressions are low, making a conclusion that those ad networks are broke is unfair.

Also, why don’t you show us the Admob stat as well?

Well i know it is difficult to admit, also because you have 2 networks in your signature (not a bad thing to give away referral links, but it is a job and sometimes these companies needs some good words on forums) , I see unfair results in showing number of impressions and low ecpm.
I use in my apps and this service give me the number of api request and number of installed and active apps.
They cannot say my app has 1000 imp a day while the api has it is 10-12.000 request (once whe the user starts the app)

In the apps i have published i did’t use admob, as i say bedore this was a test that will last another week. For now i see bad results everywhere.

If someone knows better networks except these i’d like to know them.

If you are testing, then you are doing in a wrong way. Allocate 50/50 traffics for both Admob and ad network of your choice, and that’s the real testing.

Anyway, I am not sure why you are so concern with my signature. If you think Admob is very good, just use it. There is something called mediation in Admob, use it.

Also appnext an its interstitial are running bad, low ecpm, on the other hand maybe they have the best support service but i cannot continue to see this sad numbers in impressions while they are more.

In all cases banners are dead

I wonder why would you want to find other ad networks when you already found Admob is best performing for your apps. And you keep using offensive words such as broke, dead, ridiculous on other ad networks that many people happy with them. Could you at least learn some respect on other ad networks?

Well… dead is no offensive, the situation of banners is the same in all network (also admob), they are doing less and less almost everywhere.
I respect all, a forum is a place to find solution, for now i didn’t find a lot, i hope to do it soon, depending mainly from admob/adsense is not a good idea for the future of a developer. My 2 cents

This is not dead, but that’s kind of standard bidding price for the advertisers. You can’t expect advertiser bid $10 for 1 click? The only thing you can do is to increase your impressions. If you follow the rules of Google, using Admob alone is OK. To tell you the truth, there are many people get banned for using other ad networks, using other ad networks is not a good idea too for a real & good developer if you intend to follow the rules exactly.

I’m using admob and it is giving me good return… Country that generating the figures are form UK and USA… Thanks to that country… LOL

Just want to tell you that your CTR is abnormal.

you are on the way to get banned

His CTR might be high, but he’s also got a very low number of impressions. It could easily be an anomaly.

Hello what is the normal CTR? This is the final report from yesterday. Just generated it now

CTR is Click Through Rate. It is the measure of how often the ads are being clicked on.

In general you’ll see banners with a CTR of 0.2%-2% and Interstitials with 1%-15% respectively. Sometimes you’ll see figures higher of these ranges, which might be ok in some cases, but is most likely going to raise alarm bells with Admob.

Even with your final report you gave there aren’t enough impressions to pass judgement on your CTR. You need several thousand impressions to get a stable reading of data, so it might be worth you coming back with a week’s worth of Admob stats to see if things are looking ok.

CTR = 1-10% ok,

CTR = 10%++
= ALERT: Admob: “Hmm… is there any double or more clicks. Hmm… is there a force to click on banner? Let’s check!”

In avarage you would get 5% CTR

Are you talking with the final CTR of the app or the CTR of each ad unit?

Can you give some example what is the normal ctr for interstitial and banner ad unit… tnx