Alternative to MMWA forum that is moderated and in order , a fresh start

I see that this forum has gotten out of control and is no longer moderated. Developers are shifting through crap to reach relevant threads and not able to find the information that they are looking for . I have a forum that’s very large already and I made a section for all the developers here . I along with other members will be moderating the forum and it will be kept clean and for the developers.

Main Page Free forum : Android free games and apps

MMWA 2 page Making Money With Android 2

Trust me I already have some great articles and information all ready for every developer to read and gain knowledge of how to make money with android . Go have a look and give me your thought’s on it, thank you.

His forum is awesome and has lots of useful information I prefer it to this one. His threads helped me achieve over 500 installs in 2 days after launching my app not paying a dime for advertising.

no pixel :stuck_out_tongue: you should invest in domain, hosting and some modern script like bbpress with some plugin, phpbb or vbulletin are old philosophy scripts and …forummotion (they can close your forum without any reason)

Also pixel, there is no buy/sell section

Don’t worry, I am making professional alternative on my hosting, will be today online :wink:

I’m happy to go anywhere as long as I can read important threads. :slight_smile:

Understand honestly I could care less if my forum was fancy looking or the latest trend. I have excellent threads on how to make money with android apps, excellent video’s , and I am not worried about forum closing because its been around for over a year with 1,500+ members. I am more focused on functionality and learning then looks.

I m looking for forum with interface as good as this forum plus a mobile app like this forum has.
David used to do lot of upgrades before joining google.

If forum by ramizxp is good looking has same + more sections, I will help bring members to it.

There is also and it sucks. The owner has placed ads all over it.

Also ramizxp, don’t be too strict with rules on forum. We just want a MMWA without spam. Difference in ideas and opinions will always be there.

All the best

My will be simple, clear and without ads…even ref link will be not allowed to avoid trash like here.

Automate the specific words as specific ref link pointed to you… hehe hehe

I was opening a forum yesterday but Hostgator cannot register a domain in 17 hours :slight_smile:
Normally these kind of things become active instantly.

Why we can’t ask @david @admin and ask him give some administration access. This forum have a lot off goof information, interface and others.


I tried I used to be able to contact him but he is just too busy now. So I figured we have an alternative website to serve the developers need and my android site is the perfect place to start as its been around over a year and has excellent posts you can learn from.

Here are some articles and video’s developers would love on my forum

Basic How to Market your Andriod Apps Part 1

Basic How to Market your Andriod Apps Part 2

How to design games for android and iphone part 1 & 2:The secrets!!Both Video’smust See

In a word fu#king epic !!

3 won’t get you much money and 5 doesn’t work at all, is a waste of time. Just sayin’. :wink:

Yes your probably right it wouldnt work FOR YOU. If you not even specific enough to say which article or video your talking about , yes that lack of attention to detail is why it wouldn’t work for you. I posted 3 threads and you didn’t reference which one your talking about. If thats the way you approach the marketplace, a lot of things won’t work.

Angry much? :slight_smile: I was talking about the first link. But you are right, my attention to detail sucks. I meant points 3&4 not 3&5. :slight_smile:

Haha thank you for proving my point and yes they do work.

  1. Niche apps- there are tons of niche apps on the app store that might only have 10,000 downloads but are used often. Simple memory reset apps or how to learn apps that are useful to people. Not everyone wants wallpapers and games.

  2. Post in forums- yes your right if your app description doesnt not look appealing then yes nobody will pay attention.

Example : Jims Shooter android game = fail
Better. : High Intensity Jims Shooter Perfect Game for Android = Win

Words mean everything, attention to detail means everything.

I can’t agree with you. But let’s leave it that way. :slight_smile:

Quoting myself just in case developers missed this post.