Alternative to Google Analytics ?

I’m using, they are perfect, awesome… But I don’t want to spend money for analytics.

What are you using alternative to Google Analytics ?

Personally I use Google Analytics in all of my apps. It’s not perfect, but has been reliable for me and seems to be improving by integrating with Google Play Store stats recently.

Have also used Flurry a little bit, they have some nice insights available for mobile apps in particular. And f you’re using the AppBrain SDK in your app (for ads or remote settings) they’ll also show you some basic stats.

At one stage I tried running my own simple analytics, which would just ping my server every time someone launched the app. But when my app(s) started sending several pings per second, the server had performance issues and the database filled up very quickly… even when it only saved the timestamp and IP address. That’s when I really began to appreciate the value of hosted analytics services!

Is there any particular reason you don’t want to use GA?

After, GA seems very “cumbersome”. Interface, usability (and real-time) stats are more important for me.

Maybe I use Piwik, but there can be a server performance/database problem.

I agree - the GA interface is pretty cumbersome. It seems designed for large enterprises and powerful data processing, rather than simplicity and ease-of-use. At least it finally has a real-time page now (which I use all the time).

I track all of my installs, upgrades, and reviews with a php/MySql database as well and I can assure you that the Google Play stats can be pretty far off base, sometimes by thousands of installs in a given time frame. Tracking my own on a $3 per month web server has been a far more accurate and flexible “real-time” solution for me, but I’m only getting between 5000 - 7,000 installs per day so your results may vary I guess…