Alternative to Admob for banner ads

I’m developing apps for Android since late 2009 and always used banner ads with admob with accettable results.
Last week one f my most successful application was banned from Android Market (the reason was quite vague; my app was ok and was online since may 2010, they didn’t accepted my appeal and didn’t give any detailed explanation), the developer account is still OK and I have other apps still active.
They day after admob stopped serving ads from the banned app so I lost all the future revenue of the active users.

Since I don’t like this happens on other apps as well I’m looking for an alternative to admob to move all my app to the different provider; I don’t want to change the kind of ads (to not upset users) so I’d like to know what is the best provider for banners today (I plan to integrate mopub mediation too).

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.

There are literally tons. Apart from Admob, I use Millennial Media & AppBrain in my banner ads. I only use banners in some of my apps though, so I haven’t bothered mediating too heavily.
Every network has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages though, so you’ll have to see what works for you.
Here’s a list of networks based on popularity: Ad networks - Android library statistics |

Well I have tried mobfox,inmobi,vserv
They all seemed so horrible in fillrates(40-50%) when admob gives you 90%+…so I came back to admob

Look into Millennial Media and Leadbolt. Leadbolt pays net15.

I believe Millenial Media has network mediation. You can still use admob with Millenial’s mediation if I remember correctly.

If you get banned again, just change the ad network on every app that was banned with the mediation in real time. So all your apps that were banned will still produce revenue.