Alternative Marketplaces and In-App Purchase

Hi all,

So Google Play’s In-App purchase policy is that you have to use their payment system.

If you publish your app on other marketplaces (like SlideME for example), does Google In-App purchase work, as well? Or do you have to use PayPal or an alternative?


Google Play’s In-app purchases only work if you have the google market on your device. Most people who download from slideME don’t have it, or can’t buy paid apps in their country. So most likely it won’t work.

Which leads to alot of frustration creating different version for each market. I’ve not used it before so I’m not sure if this is true, but I believe Scoreloop’s SDK has in-app purchases which will let you purchase from the google market, or with paypal, so that may be an easy way to do both versions.

Thank you! Rep+!

I will look into Scoreloop.

I think my current ads don’t work well with SlideME then, because I think they link to Google Play (and it’s pay per install, not click). Do you know of a good ad network to use for non Google Play marketplaces?

You mean for house-ads? I’m not sure, I only use ad-mob. I’d take a look at the top ad networks here: and see if any provide house ads.

Thanks, I’ll go check out that site now!

if you want to stick with slideme, they offer their own ad network/partnership with sdk, but never tried it.

if you use defautl scoreloop integration you will get google play links when shoing other apps of users - but you can rewrite some parts to make it work with slideme (bot sure how to detect that). There is an article about doing the same for amazon (which also does not allow to link to google play only)

Thanks! I’ll look into SlideME ads. Will hunt around for that article too. Though it may be best to just have different apks for different marketplaces…

Unfortunately, yes - the currently most working approach is to use different apks.

in slideme you can define if your app needs google api … not sure if that includes google play …