Alpha / Beta testing and Ad networks

Hello all!

I’m about make my app available to my group of alpha testers which will be a group of close friends, then later will find a larger beta group, just wondered what you guys did with ads during the testing period, my Ad Networks seem happy to enable my ads during testing.

So what do you do? Do you keep everything in test mode until it literally goes live, or do you run with Ads during the Alpha / Beta phases?

Just not sure of the best strategy

Thanks all!


Hi Zippy,

Of course testers should test yuor app with the ads! The ads are a part of the user experience. so, one of the feedback from your testers needs to be regarding the ads - how intrussive are they, are there too many, etc.
Also, don’t forget that the SDKqAPI itself can have a big effect on the app - create bugs, load slower, crach more, etc. These things can be detected in the test phase.

So, ads should be in the alpha phase, definitely…

Hi Jonathan

Many thanks for the reply, appreciate it!

What about ‘live’ ads versus ‘test’ ads - do you see any problem with live ads being displayed during testing?


Hey @Zippy,

I think this question would be best directed to the ad platforms you’re thinking about using. Some ad platforms require the app to be live in the GP Store before you see live ads or some will let you send them the app’s apk with their sdk installed to prove you’re truly going to show their ads in the app.

You should also consider what country your testers will be using the app in. If you have a small audience using your app in a country where there isn’t much demand from advertisers, it will make it difficult to see live ads as opposed to test ads.

If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to connect with you via Skype and discuss TapIt’s (the mobile ad platform of Phunware) process for testing ads in new apps. Just PM when you have a chance.


Thanks Andrew, I’ll keep that in mind! Much appreciated :smiley: