All the spam posts?

Whats the deal with all of the spam/bot posts all over the forums?

They are bots. That’s what happens when nobody moderates a forum.

ahh… surprised there are no moderators. seems like a pretty active site too.

What’s your strategy my friend.spamming on each thread.

btw. NokiaDev :wink: how you are earning $500/day with legit apps? Do you have some games? How long you waited for this score?

Not good with admob revenue drops daily my income fluctuating between 400-450$ with 20% more impressions than before…It’s been 3 years I have been in this if I remember…I tried candy garden game code from Unity assets and for reskin it’s cost me 1600$ but barly earned 300$ from 8 months with 6k downloads…so no games …Learning Unity for small games and in middle of it…Start releasing games from next few month’s…

I guess @NokiaDev income from old published apps like 2-4 years back?

Spamming? as in posting with helpful information in relation to what someone is talking about?
Come on. Just trying to help people out. Don’t troll me.

NokiaDev you are a really respectable person on this forum and in life I suppose. From appbrain we know that just 1% of developers is making more than 100.000 downloads/month which corresponds to something between 20-80$ per day. Considering that you make 400 - 450$, that makes you part of that 0.01% (less or more) of us who are making the dream come true (in a legal way and without spam shit) . Despite achieving that, you seems a really nice person who help people and give tips for free and not a selfish bastard like many of us (maybe being a selfish bastard is the first reaction to the initial money earning because you are afraid of loosing them or maybe is part of our native culture).
I don’t know why, but I’m so curious to know your opinion (and of other respectable guys) on really important thoughts like evolution, God , relativity theory, string theory, psychology, philosophy :smiley: :smiley: … an off topic thread would be nice and it would help us know better each other :smiley: . Anyway I really hope you succeed further because we all need an inspiration.
P.s. How much does the thirst for money change when you reach 500$/day in comparison to 100$/day ? :smiley: Does it ever ends?

Spam…Over time, moderators delete it.

@NokiaDev - Nokia, Nokia, be our Guru :wink: I can make similar but with non legit apps but I want legit :stuck_out_tongue: You are from india, so open some android dev aśram :wink:

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Aśram :D:D:D:D:D

Hello NokiaDev,

  • Can we discuss about tax stuff for this years in skype? My CA told me about section 44AD which applies to our type of business.
    Section 44AD says that we need to pay tax only on 8% of the total turnover.

  • My admob revenue is also decreasing and its between 250-290$ these days. Since i am not using exit ads these days, so showing full ads in the beginning of the app followed by load screen as per
    admob policy. wanted to know whats your ads visibility strategy for your apps?

  • Do you set Admob prior to FAN in heyzap mediation or its opposite ?

I have good Android income from India. Also add me for tax saving discussion

I also noticed the influx of Spam threads in various forums. Active moderators moderating the forums would help.

It’s sad that David let it get this way. He was offered so much money from various companies for this forum. This used to be a cool few years back. Ya’ll all probablyI’m not making as much with android anymore since, but I have lots of my apps on Amazon, Samsung, and others, stilling making like $15 a day, but I have a full time job and doing on the side. If somebody would like to help me, that would be cool. Used to work at some of the well known networks on here.

I made my forum,, so that only users with more than 10 approved post can post without moderation. I think that nowadays everywhere should be the same.

Ill take a look into that. Thanks for posting it.

I still think this forum has some valuable posts and questions. I am new here, but I don’t see how there isn’t just one admin clicking the delete button.

It is sad, I sent him an email to no avail. Well, atleast he’s still keeping the lights on :slight_smile: