ALL NETWORKS eCPM dropping? Solution?

So, in the past 30-45 days I’ve noticed (from the threads and from the networks I’ve been working with) a negative trend - eCPM decline. To sum it up, as far as I know:

Startapp - biggest decline in eCPM out of all the networks. The decline intensified in the past 1-2 weeks.
appnext - average decline (10-20%), but a very nice increase in the last 5 days! Anyone else noticed?
Mobile core - average decline throughout the past 30 days (10-20%). But stable.
Airpush - eCPM wasn’t that high to begin with. But became much worse lately.
Mobvista - like Airpush. But didn’t get worse. Just remained ‘not great’.
admob (I forgot!) - Stable until 10 days ago. Then - big drop.

I guess if an eCPM drop is across the board, it means that it’s due to lack of good campaigns. Question is, what are they doing about it? appnext is the only networks that shows improvement for now (Great for them. But I just hopes it lasts). Anywhere else someone seems improvement? Your thoughts appreciated.

Wait. Look for other sources of income in the meantime and getting more impressions.

You can’t do much.

Yes, I noticed the same with appnext.

But Mobilecore is not going down for me, I would say that is going up, stats of last 7 days:

appflood mobilecore avocarrot and appnext i use is the same ecpm almost
startapp is very low



  1. Can’t speak for other networks, but there were several very well performing cmapaign that were paused globally. So @thewowser247 might be right.

  2. We did update our system & engine last week, and we are seeing a better eCPM for most of our publishers. If you want to try appnext, now is definitely the right time! Ping me in private if you have any questions or want to join us.

I only use AdMob but I’m seeing the opposite : the eCMP has like tripled in the last two weeks (from 3-4e to 7-11e).

Really? Did you change anything in your ad placements? I envy you. What GEOs are your strongest?

Mine with 30% increase without doing anything. Maybe some big guy join Admob. Not sure is it a good sign or not.

Hey everyone,

CPMs are always changing, and some months have softer ad demand than others for all networks. With the Airpush Bundle 2 SDK for 3rd party markets, you get a flat $50 eCPM rate for new user install and EULA opt in. It’s a quick and easy way to make additional revenue. There are so many other markets to try.

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You cant do this on Google Play only outside markets, Only use on Google Play if you are someone who make spam apps and don’t care if gplay account goes down or not.

Hi thewowser247,

Just a quick note to let you know that there are some great campaigns on AdBuddiz at the moment, I’m confident that we could help you reach a good CPM for your apps. If you would like more information please contact me on [email protected]