All my Airpush stats have a ratio of 5.4 (installs to pushes) how is this possible?


Ever since Airpush has updated to their new format, all my apps have a ratio of 5.4 if you divide pushes by installs. I have over 50 apps published, and they all have this same ratio.
is anyone else experiencing the same? If so, how was it resolved?

100 installs = 540 pushes
200 installs = 1080 installs
I have attached a screen grab

This means 2 things-
either the stats are wrong,
or I am getting a cap placed on the amount of pushes

What’s wrong with those stats? Out of 540 pushes you get 100 installs. That’s pretty normal.

100 installs out of 540 pushes normal??? definitely not.
Besides, those installs mean the new users hes app got, not the installs derived from the pushes. If that was the case, he would be earning 100x more.