ALCHEMY [Android]

Game Title: ALCHEMY
Genre: arcade, logic game
Program: Game Maker Studio 2 and 8.0 Pro
Developer: BigOrchestra
Start of development: February 15, 2018


ALCHEMY is a game of logic, all you need is to mix two elements to get a third.
Before you, a classic puzzle in the style of “alchemy” with new improvements. At the beginning of the game, you have only four basic elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Try to mix them - and get new items.

The game supports Russian and English.


-Good graphics
-Ability to choose a language: alchemy in Russian, as well as in English
-It is convenient to combine elements and mix substances
-Buttons to order the elements, there are initially 4 elements


  • Click on the screen. Pull and release. All!

The game is completely FREE!
The game is constantly trying to update and improve, I will add more then new items and a shop inside the game (all purchases will be free and they can be bought for ordinary game stars).

Link to the game on Google Play: