Airpush - your current smartwall ecpm/fillrate

34.21% $0.64 - my sucks, what is urs? Maybe reason is initializing only appwall, not smartwall, can you share yours?

DEVELOPER (have all ads)
today 109.14% $2.53
yesterday 136.75% $2.70

From my test in our beutifull country. :wink:
app wall CTR 0.27% -0,4
dialog ads CTR 3.79% -4,5
In Landing Page Ads you have pay for every one impressions.

What user seen?
Landing page > dialog ads > app wall.
So if there is for for example in Poland> 1 ads landing, 8 dialog ads and app wall, user seen >1 ads landing, next 8 dialogs and after that they seen app wall.
Of course, may be a little different, but mostly it will be.

PS. if you show app wall very often :smiley: someone will seen only blank app wall.

yestarday - fill rate 134 % CMP - 10.00

last 7 days 114% - 5.23

that includes the huge drop during the weekend when it was less the $1. those stats are for , by my guess 70% or more USA users

UN-PICK impossible, you have shitty download number and impression :wink:

Yesterday was 66% fill rate and 1.40 eCPM

Last 7 days
91,596 impr
$4.97 eCPM
fillrate 100%

most of the traffic came from USA

So maybe impressions are problem :slight_smile: I have usualy 1-5mln impressions daily :slight_smile:

Yeah probably, I’m doing around 750k daily now and my ecpm is a bit lower then what it was at 100k …oh well

Maybe in admob yes but I think that Airpush is different, for example in Admob you can show Ads in each activity, in airpush I assume that you only shows smartwall once per app cycle.

These results are from one of my apps, I have other with exactly same impressions and I have eCPM 0.5-1$ , so the main problem is from where come the impr.