AirPush with Admob

Hi! I replaced Admob for its low ecpm and i integrated Airpush. It’s doing well for now and in the dashboard i read 100% fill rate, but it’s not true because the adrequest are too low and on my tablet nexus 7 (android 4.3) I don’t get ads. So how can i show Admob banner where Airpush banner aren’t available? Thank you :slight_smile:

check the documentation, there’s a listener called onErrorListener it might work

I read about it but I’m not sure it’s also for no ads found…in any case, I’m trying and i’ll write the result :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work :frowning:

it won’t work. its a know issue with airpush.

I’m thinking to load both banner ads, and if Airpush banner is loaded ( there is the listener ) then hide admob banner…is it a good way?

The problem is that in this way the admob ecpm is wrong because there are impressions that were not shown.

admob will ban you for hiding ads after requesting them. You do the hide thing with some other network liks adfonic/mmedia but don’t risk your admob. I mean risk some account which you can let go.

Where did you read that?
There’s nothing about that on their guidelines…
The only thing they say is "Ads should not be placed in a location that covers up or hides any area that users have interest in viewing during typical interaction. "

Also why they have on their SDk the ability to hide them if it wasn’t allowed, like this:


AdView.INVISIBLE is useful when you want to free up the space taken by adview. If developers start requesting ads and then hide it, what’s the point of ad then and advertisers money will be going to drain. Google may not have mentioned it but it is quite under-stable. They also didn’t mention that you just can’t use admob mediation without sending requests to admob and later on banned David’s admob account.

Rest is your choice.

Oh… It’s a big problem! I’ve updated my game thinking to have solved the problem… Now what can I do? Is there other way to get admob working with airpush?

Can you please tell me which network is better overall ? Im currently using admob, i tried airpush with one of my small apps but i’m still not sure which of them makes better money, which is working better for you ?

My admob ecpm is $0.3-0.5 and I get 7000 impressions each day. I integrated only airpush and I updated the apk on playstore… For a couple of days on admob there was 4000 impression but on airpush only 800…so the fill rate isn’t 100%…for the airpush ecpm I haven’t enough impression to have a correct ecpm… Now it’s $1.8. The problem is that I’ve the feeling they changed my earnings of previous days (decreasing)… I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong…

I’ve also sent an email about no ads found listener but I’ve received no answer. It’s not good… If I will have problem with payment who will save me?