Airpush - What does close Mean?

At this point I am really annoyed with Airpush.

So Yesterday I downloaded a application which is using Airpush. On the Disclaimer Dialog, instead of Ok I clicked Close because I didn’t wanted to get spammed.

In Few minutes I got a notification Ad.

Why two buttons if you are not going to Honor what user said?

Was the advertisement from Airpush? Maybe it came from another ad network

Yeah, it should say “UNINSTALL”.

With uninstall button you will break a policy because you lock a game with ads. Also if Airpush do not offer real opt-out just mimic it then they breaking policy.

The Ad was from Airpush and from the app where I used close button.

Developer probably hacked it…as a developer, you should know that anything can be hacked if desired. I haven’t looked closely at Airpush’s opt-in API call but it’s probably a simple HTTP call that a 14 year old can spoof. There’s no way around this…any API call from any ad network SDK can be spoofed.

It happens without hacking…

In the EULA, it states that if you don’t agree with the EULA, you have to uninstall the app… not click “close”…

Looks like close or OK have no difference…

It appears to me there are scary things going on.
Today I received 2 calls from someone offering credit card. This happened a day after installing the app with Airpush (Last time I did this I started receiving SMS Messages and had to unsubscribe. Today I had optout from the spam calling).

I know its hard to prove Airpush is the reason but it can’t be just coincidence that every time Airpush app is installed, this is happening.

Also I see some users are saying they don’t have this trouble. I am in US. If you are in some other country I doubt this will happen.

Chris, did you ever receive a call from someone offering something before that day ? I think that is something that happens everywhere in the world. I’ve received calls offering me “x” product a lot of times… and I’m not based in the US.

I don’t remember receiving a call like that in last one year.