Airpush weekly payments

Has anyone here had any experience with the air push weekly payments ?
I was accepted onto it a few weeks ago, then knocked off it for no reason then re-accepted a few minutes later ?
And I haven’t been paid on it yet or even been paid monthly now ?
So just wanted to see if anyone else here has had any problems with it ?

I’m not apply for weekly payment.
But now I’m waiting payment for this month.
Did anyone get paid for this month alredy?

Nope, I haven’t been paid for this month yet either ?

Did anyone else is already got paid for this month?

Someone who is elegible for weekly payment get paid yesterday (for 8-14 July week)?

No,I have not got paid for 8-14 July week,and even worse I can’t login on the someone know what happened.

The site seems to be ok. I sent them a message and they said they will check.

Thank you,I can login on airpush now.

yes i got paid at 15th of this month. it says the payment for 1-7 of the month.
does airpush charge for payments? also i haven’t requested weekly payments. they have automatically enabled it. is there a way that i can disable it because im getting a letter from the bank when they send the money. 4 letters for a month is quite annoying :slight_smile:

I also got paid for 1-7 July, but don’t get paid for 8-15.
Airpush doesn’t charge for payment. The revenue you see is the revenue you get.
The weekly payment seems to be automatic. In the “helpdesk” of the site you may ask them to turn your payment into monthly.

be aware that in order to qualify for the weekly payments you must exceed their $400 revenue requirement. If you make >$400 then you will be paid monthly. The times fufilled the requirement I was paid by that friday BUT the rare times i did not exceed $400 I was not paid weekly.
hope this helps

Hi there,

Is it $250 or $400 ? What’s going on here ? When I login to my account I see the minimum is $400, but here it says the following:

Stop waiting weeks or months for your ad network payouts! Airpush is the only mobile ad network which pays developers on a weekly basis, with no fees or other gotchas. Once you reach $250 in minimum revenue, your account will be automatically activated for weekly payments. Weekly payments are made the following Friday for each Sunday-Saturday weekly period.

EDIT: HERE, Phil from Airpush says the minimum is $250, not $400. Any clarification would be nice. Thank you!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the confusion regarding the minimum revenue required for weekly payments. Airpush knows how important rapid payment is to our developers so we have revised our guidelines to a minimum revenue of $200. So once you hit $200 your account will be automatically activated for weekly payments.


Thank you Phil!