airpush weekly payments

Finally earning enough to get weekly payments with airpush and just got my first transfer.

The transfer was for $210 but I still have over $1000 in the account that built up while i wasn’t eligible for weekly. I expected to get a transfer for everything previously earned as well.

So I guess This pile of $1000 will just sit in my account as I receive these weekly payments for $200+ ? Thats Kind of annoying but not a huge problem I guess.

Yes I believe that’s how it works.


Can you PM me your account info. I’ll take a look into your issue. You should be paid all pending revenue in your next payout.

In your website i read you want $400/week earning for weekly payment system to work , then why this user get paid $210 in a week , please explain this , I am new to Airpush and joined it only due to this weekly payment System.


Hey everyone,

For Airpush, we pay all developers on our default Net 45 payment cycle after earning $10 plus any convenience fee’s when paid by Paypal, and $50 with wiretransfer.
To be on weekly payments, when using our Bundle 1 SDK, you need to earn $300 minimum a week for 4 weeks and afterwards, and then you are put on weekly payments. With the Standard SDK, you need to be earning $600 consistently a week for 1 month and afterwards to be on weekly payments.

Hope this helps.


Nick, this is very uncompetitive. Almost as good as a scam. “You need to earn $300 minimum for 4 weeks” ? You put the developer’s money in the bank and earn interest on it for many months all under the guise of “the developer not meeting the criteria for payout”. That’s horrible. Have you seen what your competitors like mobilecore are doing ? They don’t have such punitive restrictions.
Note: I am not picking on airpush alone…this also goes to the many ad networks who have such silly restrictions., If say I open an adnetwork company and want to retain publishers then I will definitely have to give weeklies. mC, eomobi, notifymob have weeklies as I know (haven’t tried eomobi till now). mC started with weeklies and has stayed with it for now. Appnext is building up and offer weeklies if u earn $2.5K per week. At the end I think ad network has to consider many factors (like staff, their own revenue etc.) to decide the payment model. But ya if a adnetwork is providing weeklies, it has a great edge over the others.

Hi Journey man,

I think you are misunderstanding our process.
We pay our developers who earn more than $10 (when using Paypal) or $50 (when using wiretransfer) on a net 45 basis. To be on weekly payments, you need to earn the requirements I previously mentioned. If the publisher is not earning $300 a week for that period, they are still paid on the default net 45 cycle, we do not hold funds. We have this requirement to be earned for weekly payments to protect us and our network against fraudsters.

Airpush Nick